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I'd like to present to you instructions for building your very own Rupee engagement ring box, which was inspired by the all of the classic Rupees from the Zelda series.  This doesn't necessarily have to be used as a box for a proposal, I just figured that it was suiting to present your girlfriend with a piece of treasure that opened up to reveal MORE treasure!  The total time for the Rupee Box was approximately two days, and only so because of the time required to let glossy paint dry thoroughly.  I was able to make my unpainted Rupee box without paint in about 3 hours, but then again...my garage is pretty disorganized, so you could probably make it faster!

Here are the things you're going to need for the entirety of this project: (Don't worry about gathering all of the materials ahead of time. I'll re-list the materials needed for each part on the respective steps.)  

> Table Saw
> Scroll Saw
> Bandsaw
> Belt Sander (40 or 80 grit sandpaper belt)
> ShopVac (to consume the colossal amount of dust you will generate)
> Drill with a small bit 1/16" or smaller (Optional)

Other Tools:
> Sandpaper (100, 150, 180 grit)
> Clamps
> Flathead Screwdriver (Optional)
> 2-part Epoxy (Optional)
> Super Glue (Optional)
> Scissors
Wood--I used a variety of wood types, mainly because it's what I had lying around. I'll list what I used for each piece...
> 2  3"x5"x1/4" Pieces (Plywood)
> 2  1"x3/4"x5" Pieces (Aspen)
> 2  1"x1"x1 3/4" Pieces (Aspen)

> Soft foam, approximately a 1 1/2" cube.  (I repurposed an old memory foam pillow for this part)
> Small amount of black cloth, approximately a 2" square

> Rust-Oleum Filler Primer http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=11
> Rust-Oleum Multi-Purpose Gloss Spray http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=97   I used Apple Red, but you can use         whatever color you'd like
> Wood Glue (Any brand will work)
> 3M Dynatron Glazing and Spot Putty http://3mcollision.com/products/fillers-and-glaze/putty/dynatron-glazing-spot-putty-650.html

> Hinges (I found some great hinges at Menards that I have included a picture of.  The exact hinge style isn't critical...you need only be concerned with the overall size of the hinges.) http://menards.com/main/tools-hardware/builders-hardware/door-window/residential-hinges/5-8x1-decorative-hinge/p-1475524-c-9687.htm

Protective Equipment:
> Safety Glasses
> Ear Plugs/Muffs
> Dust Mask (when working with the belt sander)

> Pencil
> Ruler
> X-acto Knife

So, without further ado, let's get on with some step-by-step instructions for building your own Rupee engagement ring box!

Step 1: Assembling the Box

Tools Needed for this Section:
> Table Saw
> Sandpaper (150, 180 grit)
> Pencil
> Ruler
> Clamps
> Wood Glue

Materials Needed for this Section: 

> 2  3"x5"x1/4" Pieces (Plywood)
> 2  1"x3/4"x5" Pieces (Aspen)
> 2  1"x1 1/2"x1 3/4" Pieces (Aspen)

Protective Equipment:

> Safety Glasses
> Ear Plugs/Muffs

To begin making the Rupee ring box, you're going to need to first cut all of the wood pieces listed in the Materials section.  On both of the 3"x5"x1/4" pieces, do your best to carefully replicate the plans I have included using a pencil and a ruler. Then the box will be ready to assemble.  Since the completed ring box will have an inner section for the ring, we will make the starting box with a hole in the center, covered on both sides by the 1/4" piece.  Start with one of the 3"x5"x1/4" pieces and glue the 2 1"x3/4"x5" pieces flush with the edge of the 1/4" pieces.  Make sure the 1/4" piece is plan side down!  Next, glue the 1"x1 1/2"x3/4" pieces on the upper and lower parts of the 1/4" piece, between the 2 1"x3/4"x5" pieces, leaving a 1 1/2'' gap in between them.  Allow the five pieces you have just glued together to dry (15 minutes maybe?), before gluing the final 3"x5"x1/4" piece on top of the 'box".  Make sure you glue the final piece with the replicated plans facing upward, as we will use these for the next several steps.  Use your clamps to make sure that this glues tightly on to the 'box'.  Allow this another 15 minutes or so to completely dry before moving to Step 2.  

The picture below has a large red "X" to denote where the hole was located on the box.  I was slightly paranoid of accidentally sanding too much or cutting away too much material and accidentally revealing the hole.  I would suggest at least using your pencil to mark off the area where your hole will be as another way to gauge the shaping of your box later on.  

<p>In Oracle of Ages you get rings! LOL</p>
<p>Hello.<br>Beautiful Box! I am going to make this myself, but do have a small problem understanding step 1 completely.<br>What 1/4&quot; piece do you mean? <br>Do you just mean the hole in the middle?<br><br>THanks and all the best</p>
<p>Awesome idea. I'm working on one myself to use. But I messed up the beveled step. How did you place the box on the belt sander? Could you provide a pic showing this please?</p>
<p>I held the box against the belt sander to grind the edges to a bevel. It took a lot of eyeballing to end up with even angles. Just be patient and you'll do great! </p>
You are going on my awesome collection.
I would pay you to make this!!
It doesnt say how to hollow it out!
if she says no to this she wasnt right anyway
You're a genius !!!!!!!
Just seeing the finished Rupee Box inside the Chest gave me an idea.<br><br>Make a ring box that looks like the Chest from LoZ, and then make a ring with a Rupee instead of a diamond (or go to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, find a rough diamond big enough [Good luck with that!], then have said rough diamond cut in the shape of a Rupee.)!
are you married? <br>if you are did you use this?
Haha, not yet! <br> <br>I was commissioned to build a guy, who planned to propose to his long time girlfriend, a treasure chest that would open up to reveal a Rupee. We got to talking and I drew out some plans for a Rupee that could actually open to house her engagement ring. I ended up installing a strong magnet into the back of the Rupee, and making a stand that could hold the Rupee while the box was open. <br> <br>Also, she said &quot;yes&quot;. So maybe I should edit it to say that it has a &quot;100% Sucess Rate&quot; ! <br> <br>
lol great i might try it one day with a spiecal friend =)
This is so cute and creative! Wonderful idea for a ring box :)
This is fantastic, you really did a great job!
Awesome idea. Wonder if you could reuse the hinge from another ring box that snaps the case shut and holds it open. When she says &quot;yes,&quot; you can cut the bottom at an angle and attach it to a mount to show off.
Only 20 rupees? lol
This is absolutely the best box you could ever put anything in. My boyfriend should probably see this.
I have to say seeing this made me geek out a little. I'm not sure why no one had thought of it before, so hats off to you. Excellent job!

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