Step 4: Let's Saw Your Beautiful Rupee in Half!

Tools Needed for this Section:

> Scroll Saw or Bandsaw with a small blade
> Sandpaper (100, 150, 180 grit)
> Pencil
> Ruler

Materials Needed for this Section:

> Rupee Box from Step 3

Protective Equipment:

> Safety Glasses

The next step is to cut in perfectly horizontal line across your new Rupee.  I must admit that this was the hardest part for me since I had just spent 3 hours grinding away to make a beautiful piece and I was about to cut it in half!  I decided rather than cutting my Rupee box equally across the middle that I would cut it asymmetrically to give me more room to add in ring-mounting foam later.  However,  I probably could have gotten away with cutting it in half.

To begin, use your ruler to draw a line across the square region of your Rupee, as indicated on the diagram above.  I recommend using a scroll saw to make this cut because the thin blade will not remove a significant amount of material during the cutting process.  After you've split your Rupee Box into two pieces, give the entire box a good sanding to smooth things out.  Start with 100 grit and work your way up to 180 grit sandpaper.  
<p>In Oracle of Ages you get rings! LOL</p>
<p>Hello.<br>Beautiful Box! I am going to make this myself, but do have a small problem understanding step 1 completely.<br>What 1/4&quot; piece do you mean? <br>Do you just mean the hole in the middle?<br><br>THanks and all the best</p>
<p>Awesome idea. I'm working on one myself to use. But I messed up the beveled step. How did you place the box on the belt sander? Could you provide a pic showing this please?</p>
<p>I held the box against the belt sander to grind the edges to a bevel. It took a lot of eyeballing to end up with even angles. Just be patient and you'll do great! </p>
You are going on my awesome collection.
I would pay you to make this!!
It doesnt say how to hollow it out!
if she says no to this she wasnt right anyway
You're a genius !!!!!!!
Just seeing the finished Rupee Box inside the Chest gave me an idea.<br><br>Make a ring box that looks like the Chest from LoZ, and then make a ring with a Rupee instead of a diamond (or go to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, find a rough diamond big enough [Good luck with that!], then have said rough diamond cut in the shape of a Rupee.)!
are you married? <br>if you are did you use this?
Haha, not yet! <br> <br>I was commissioned to build a guy, who planned to propose to his long time girlfriend, a treasure chest that would open up to reveal a Rupee. We got to talking and I drew out some plans for a Rupee that could actually open to house her engagement ring. I ended up installing a strong magnet into the back of the Rupee, and making a stand that could hold the Rupee while the box was open. <br> <br>Also, she said &quot;yes&quot;. So maybe I should edit it to say that it has a &quot;100% Sucess Rate&quot; ! <br> <br>
lol great i might try it one day with a spiecal friend =)
This is so cute and creative! Wonderful idea for a ring box :)
This is fantastic, you really did a great job!
Awesome idea. Wonder if you could reuse the hinge from another ring box that snaps the case shut and holds it open. When she says &quot;yes,&quot; you can cut the bottom at an angle and attach it to a mount to show off.
Only 20 rupees? lol
This is absolutely the best box you could ever put anything in. My boyfriend should probably see this.
I have to say seeing this made me geek out a little. I'm not sure why no one had thought of it before, so hats off to you. Excellent job!

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