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My Son of 3 years old (Dutch) has a massive crush on the Alphabet. Since he was very young he was focused on the alphabet. Now 3 years old, he can do A to Z in Dutch and English, but also for instance Z-A in Dutch and English (in rapid speed).

Since 2 weeks he started watching the Russian Alphabet on youtube, do not ask me why :-) and he very quickly picked up on it.

So what does a loving and caring father (with a CNC machine) do, make him of course an Alphabet Russian Puzzle :-)

Step 1: Design and CNCing

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I found a website that had the Russian Alfabet (as I do not even have a Russian keyboard) and cut-and-pasted this into Adobe Illustrator with a font that supports Cyrillic (not all fonts did).

In illustrator I converted the font to just lines and I used my favorite FREE 2D design software Draftsight to fix some of the letters (to make them one piece), like the 2 small dots on the E.

I used a sheet of 75cm x 75cm of 3mm triplex wood to cut everything out. I used a 1mm bit on my CNC so I can use the left over wood as the main puzzle board, and with a 1mm cap between the letters and the puzzle board, the letters will easily fit in. I cut out a button board of the same size (40xm x 35cm), spray painted it red and spray painted the letters blue. I did this on the left over wood.

From the left over wood I designed a simple box, to keep the letters in. And I thought it looked cool with the outline of the letters on it.

You can download the DXF files from thingiverse:


olga.cherepan.1 (author)2015-04-29


I am Russian living in the Netherlands and my bilingual son is also interested in learning Russian alphabet. Yours is by far the most beautiful I could find in the Internet. I would be interested in buying one if you don't use it anymore or buying a new one if you agree to create one for me :) Thanks in advance for considering! Hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards, Olga

Hi Olga,

I can make you an extra puzzle :-) were do you live in netherlands?


nancyjohns (author)2015-04-02

I don't know any Russian, so to me this looks like a mix of backwards letters, and Greek characters lol.

runmy (author)nancyjohns2015-04-06

Учите Русский - развивает интелект!

nancyjohns (author)runmy2015-04-20

???? :( I dont know what you're saying :(

nancyjohns (author)nancyjohns2015-04-20

oh wait, thanks google translate :) lol

runmy (author)2015-04-06

Ну хоть что то на Русском языке ))

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