This is a simple stick grenade that does not require many parts.  Please comment

Step 1: Parts

These are the pieces you need

Step 2: Grenade Body

Make this

Step 3: Stick and Body

Make this

Step 4: Assembly

Now assemble them like so
Now fill it with explosives
Good concept. The execution is way better than most I've seen on this site. Put Nerf air restrictor springs in the joints, and it explodes better. 4*
good idea, thanx.
u should make a steilhandgrenate srry idk how to spell it im american.
i'll think about it
nice job!
are you sure???? as long as i remember in cOd games it is german not russian
Actualy i'm not that sure but i remember in cod 3 when you were the russians and you had stick grenades
Both Russia and Germany used stick grenades in the WWII (the 'Stielhandgranate' (stick hand grenade) and RGD-33 grenade)
'cause CoD games are extremely reliable in weapons information >.<

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