Introduction: Rustic Cabin Set

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Some novelty items to make with all those Christmas trees people throwout.

Step 1: Wood/tools

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Coping saw

hole saw

Spade bits



Step 2: Wood Cuts

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45 degree slab makes for good plaques. Drill holes out and mortise chisel where needed.

Step 3: Branch Pencil

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Cut branches. Drill hole for lead. 3/32 or 5/64 bit. By extra big pencils and split for the lead. Glue in the lead piece and wittle to a point. I added cotton string to each pencil

Step 4: Paint Something and Seal.

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I used free hand for painting. Sealed with polyurethane. Used up some old copper fittings for paper hanger.

Have fun.

Step 5: Tea Candle Holder

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Here I used wood from angle cuts. Bored out. Split a piece of 1/2 copper pipe and pounded out for a flame guard.

Cut in half a soup can lid. Bent to fit for front half of candle.


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