Introduction: Rustic Card Box

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This is a fun little project that takes a couple of hours to build. If you want something cool and rustic looking this is a good project for you.

Step 1: Supplies

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You will need:

A pack of cards

Superglue and wood glue

X3 2" c clamps

X2 pieces of scrap wood

An x-acto knife

Medium and fine grit sandpaper

A small brass hinge

Step 2: Glue Those Layers

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Brush over each card with a little wood glue. Once all the cards are stuck together,sandwich the pack of cards between two pieces of scrap wood and clamp down. By using the two pieces of scrap wood it helps distribute the pressure from the clamps.

Keep clamped for about 2 hours or more depending on the type of glue you are using.

Step 3: Cutting

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Remove the cards from the clamps. Using a medium grit sandpaper to remove any flakes of dried up glue along the outside.

Next take a hacksaw or exacto knife and cut off the top 1/4 of the pack of cards.

Step 4: Hollow Out Your Box

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Using a pen mark a rectangle on the thicker portion of the pack. Leave a border of about 0.5 cm on each edge, except for one of the longer edges, where you should leave 1cm border.

Then using the xacto knife cut out the inside of the rectangle you traced. This will hollow out the inside where you will store eventually your goodies.

Step 5: Hinges

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Cut out a notch on the inside of each of the stacks. This notch is where the hinge will go as the hinge will be put on the inside of the box, so make sure it sits flush.

Then superglue the hinge in place on each side. Clamp the halves together again and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 6: Nearly Finished

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You can complete the rustic effect by using medium and fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand on all visible surfaces. Soon you will see the rustic look start to come.

Now you are finished!


fzumrk (author)2015-03-20

Nice job.

Two ideas:

Why not glue up the stack of cards in two batches so you do not have to cut them apart in step 3?

You could start with a set of over-sized playing cards and use the box to hold a regular size set of playing cards.

amberrayh (author)2015-03-19

This is cool. My stepson is into magic tricks and poker. He would love this!

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