Picture of Rustic Drink Coasters
Hello, i just wanted to show off a set of coasters i made. they are made of 1" slices of a white oak tree limb cut on a table saw, sanded to 320 grit, and sprayed with 5 coats of clear enamel paint. The stand is made of the same tree limb, cut into quarters, and nailed onto slats cut from the same limb, sanded to 320 grit, and sprayed with 5 coats of the same enamel.
rc jedi11 months ago
Wow, this would be a good project for beginners too. Or to keep something from a tree from back home when you move away to remind you of home.
rc jedi rc jedi11 months ago
Hey, how about woodburning messages or art into them before clearcote so each has a message?
mr.mountaineer (author)  rc jedi11 months ago
Great idea! I never would have thought of that. unfortunately, I don't have a woodburner.
darman1212 months ago
At first glance this looked like a couch!
Kiteman darman1212 months ago

It's early morning here, it took a few blinks to make the image match the title.
darman12 Kiteman12 months ago
Yeah, it was almost 12 AM when I was looking at it.
mr.mountaineer (author)  darman1212 months ago
Ha, I never would have thought of that, but now I totally see it!
Kiteman12 months ago
Nice job.

Looking forward to step-by-steps of future projects.
mr.mountaineer (author)  Kiteman12 months ago
Thank You! That really means a lot coming from someone such as Yourself.
And I am, unfortunately, terrible at taking pictures of things I make, I normally just have an idea and jump right into it without the slightest bit of a plan or idea of how it is going to turn out.