Picture of Rustic Hammock-Style Wilderness Chair
Build a hammock style wilderness camp chair fit for a Scoutmaster.  Made from only Logs and Rope, this stout chair will beat any of those flimsy folding camp chairs when it comes to strength and comfort.

So here you are in the middle of the woods far away from the comforts of home.  You've got a campfire to stare at as a make-do substitute for the Telly.  
Unfortunatly, those folding camp chairs just don't provide to the posh Lazy Boy type relaxation that have become a necessity at home but, that's ok... you can adapt - this is camping after all....

When personal comfort is at risk... a whole new panicked sense of self-preservation arises - and the Wilderness Survival  instincts kick-in. 

Remember, stay calm, don't panic, keep a level head and survey your surroundings.  This is no time to be squeemish about being seen in a less than stylish, non-state-of-the-art, inexpensive, heavy, non-folding camp chair.  

In the Bush, an ugly rustic log chair could just make all the difference for your survival.  It may be your only means of getting out alive (while being reasonably comfortable and relaxed of course).
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Step 1: The Chair in Action

Picture of The Chair in Action
troop 49-26D.JPG
Time to improvise...

When life gives you (tree) Limbs... make Limb-aid?? or Lounge-aid?? or Leasure-aid??  

What ever you want to call it, nothing will Aid YOUR  tired Limbs more than a comfortable wilderness hammock chair to rest them in?

sysop2 years ago
nice work and a entertaining article.

It might be difficult with large diameter logs like this, but I was taught that the outer legs of the tripod should be crossed so that you get wood to wood contact. This page has a good description of this .
warrockdude4 years ago
I made a folding one haha
nice lol
strods4 years ago
I like. I'm wondering if I could make the netting up beforehannd. Then simply have to lash the limbs on site. The netting would be something I could keep in a pack very easily.

In fact, I may build one for an example for my outpost boys. I'm sure most of them would love to build it themselves.

I'll be happy to buy the rope. I love this a lot more that every boy hauling a camping a chair.
Grat design!!!!
tbone1214 years ago
i use the same frame work for holding logs to do tomahawk throwing
do you think this could work with metal instead of logs if i wanted to take it to band-camp or something of that nature?
browpro4 years ago
Hey hpsoutharrow, I made on the other day, though my rope was very thin and made of nylon so it isnt as beatiful or sturdy.... oh well..

Great instructable by the way, very easy to understand and EXTREMELY interesting.

See ya,
               Jordan Brow
jmatthew4085 years ago
great instructable, why not just use a square lashing instead of going through the trouble of finding such huge logs and then cutting dovetails.  my suggestion admittedly would be less robust however it should be strong enough for an average sized person also would be faster/easier to make
hpstoutharrow (author)  jmatthew4085 years ago
 Agreed... A square lashing would work work in place of the dovetails.  Just wanted to demonstrate a alternate mechanical joint in the field.  Also,  because the the netting  was going to use a lot of rope wanted to conserve the troop's rope supply with joints that didn't require rope.
luvit5 years ago
i am 600 lbs and 4 ft wide. please enhace your instructable for me.
dude that's kind of your own fault so deal with it accordingly
hpstoutharrow (author)  luvit5 years ago
 Dude...I'm Irked!  
Six months ago you asked for a chair for your 700lb, 4 foot 6 inch wide bod.

I go to all the trouble to make this chair out of big ash logs.  And Now... you've gone all Akins Diet on me and dropped a Hundred.

If I'd have known that you were going all svelte-like I could have used popcicle sticks and twine.  Keep up the good work. You're ready to tryout this chair.
oh gosh, you have static monsters where you camp too? lol, just kidding. i like this chair set up. i've seen another on youtube that looks like this, but is made with a cloth back instead of netting. good work man.
Jamie455 years ago
I am impressed!  A picture of step 13.5, showing a couple of more rows would make thing a lot more clear to me.
PACW5 years ago
 Love the chair!  Graet photos and verbiage.  But I must say the people in the pictures kinda freak me out a bit.  If I have nightmares tonight I blame you!
 Limb aid!   Funny!  And cool chair!
tomman5 years ago
one rope what do you mean could explain good work
tomman5 years ago
is that camp ceards
deathpod5 years ago
Thats a great Idea! Im gonna try this once it warms up out here in the Northeast.
 its been miserable out here... seems like well never get t try this out haha
hpstoutharrow (author)  jakezcop5 years ago
 That is why I posted now.  In the heart of winter, I thought we all could use a little summer project to warm our thoughts in anticipation of this years camping season.
icecoldcelt5 years ago
This may not be the way that you did it in the photo, but you could use a tripod lashing at the union of the Kick Stand and the Arms. That would likely be the quickest and most rope efficient method. I hope that is help to anyone who needs it.
greatpanda5 years ago
Wondrous!  Great job on the "Romanian" dovetail.  It's often used as a quick joint for chopping stumps, lathes, etc in Eastern Europe.
merijnvw5 years ago
 I like it, thanks
tsaylor5 years ago
That knot is a sheet bend?  It looks like a bowline (looking at the bowline from the back).  They appear pretty similar.
hpstoutharrow (author)  tsaylor5 years ago
 True,  they are similar.  A bowline is typically associated with creating a loop in a single line.  A sheet bend is typically associated with joining two different ropes together (usually of different sizes).  
In this case it is the same rope (thus same size) however it is not creating a loop in the conventional sense. And because it is joining rows and columns it could be viewed as separate ropes.

Along those lines (pun intended) either name could apply.  
Knot Ref:
You are definitely a guy I'd go camping with!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you what, you make a couple of chairs here in camp and I'll go see if I can't fly fish us a few trout for supper!!!  (beers in the cooler by the way)

Great project, and with a bit of care, something you could refine a bit and make as a wild chair for the old patio too.
 You went camping with the Predator?  I like this chair!  Nice work!
l8nite5 years ago
Thats AWESOME ! ! 
Jayefuu5 years ago
Neat idea! And pretty comprehensive instructions too!