Introduction: Rustic Industrial Pallet Headboard With Pipe Lights

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Check out how we used peel and stick wood tile to make this headboard!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: Gather Supplies

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For this project we needed a utility panel, 2x4s, French cleat, pipe fittings, Edision bulbs, and a couple of hanging light kits.

Step 3: Measure and Cut Wood

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We started by determining the size of our headboard. We had thirty tiles so we decided to make the headboard 3 tiles wide by 10 tiles high. We marked the utility board to size and cut it with a circular saw (we used pieces 1, 2,and 3). The 2x4s were cut to length with a miter saw.

Pocket holes were made to connect the frame.

Step 4: Attach Utility Board to Frame

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We used wood glue and a brad nailer to attach the utility board to the frame. Note, we also added support 2 x 4s to that area under the horizontal seam.

Step 5: Postion Tile in Place

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We dry fit the tiles to see it all laid out then we removed the protective backing and stuck the tiles into place. The overhanging edges were cut with a miter saw.

The edges of the headboard were finished with real pallet wood that was cut to size and stained. We glued and brad nailed it into place.

Step 6: Add the Lights

Picture of Add the Lights

We added pipe lights to the headboard. We determined the placement then drilled holes with a hole saw. We screwed the pipe flanges into place, assembled the pipe parts, threaded the light kit down through the elbow and into the hole. The pipes were screwed into place. The socket fits snuggly into the elbow opening.

Step 7: Hang It on the Wall

Picture of Hang It on the Wall

We used a French cleat to hang the headboard on the wall. This one is rated for objects 200 pounds or lighter. This weighed about 85 pounds. One part of the French cleat goes on the back of the headboard and the other goes on the wall.

Step 8: Step Back and Admire!

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We love the look of this headboard so much so we decided to make a couple of pallet valances for the windows. We used pallet wood, a wood dowel, and metal pipe caps to further carry out the rustic, industrial look.

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VICTORCAMP (author)2017-11-24

Good work


seamster (author)2017-11-07

Nice! I like the peel and stick tiles as a super quick option. Creates the perfect look quick and easy. The finished headboard looks great!

Thanks so much!

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