If you're like me then you probably have some extra logs just laying around outside. It's time to put them to some good use. I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Step 1: What You'll Need

#1 a small log

#1 drill press
#2 a chop saw (cut off saw)

Step 2: Cutting Your Log

I cut my log about 4 inches log and about 3 inches thick. It doesn't really matter. Just make sure it's big enough to hold the pencils that you need.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

When I drilled my holes I used a 5/16 of an inch drill bit. With this size you can fit just about every pencil you can think of. On a very rare occasion will you find a pencil that doesn't fit. Space your holes out about a cm apart but also try to get as many holes on there as you can fit. I got a total of 28 holes on mine which is more than enough for me.
<p>Just a suggestion if you plan on doing this again:</p><p>Drill the outer holes deeper than the central holes so the pencils will site at different tiers. It will make the pencils in the middle easier to get to.</p>
Lol! Yeah it is.
<p>It's like a little colored pencil bouquet!</p>
Thank you!
Love how practical and simple it is. A nice piece of debarked cherry with a clear coat would be awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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