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Introduction: Rustic Organizer

About: Follow Your Passions,,, They Know The Way Rustic Artist, Cheryl Reed Costa, has found her serenity through creating natural art, jewelry, accessories and furnishings for over 35 years, using trial and err...

I created this organizer box using a pine box that a bearing was shipped in from a local steel mill.

I attached the birch bark and pleather lining with contact cement and the decorative twigs with wood glue and brad nails for reinforcement.. The trellis has been secured at every intersection with artifical sinew.
Dimensions of finished product are:
16" x 8" x 6"(>to the top of the box) Total height including trellis is 17 1/2".

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a Wonder-Filled Day!!! Cheryl



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    I have seen similar rustic furniture pieces like this for hundreds of dollars! Nice job! I love working with Birch too! Keep up the good work! But enjoy it!

    All wood has an inner beauty. This is the most artistic natural piece. It Flows.