Picture of Reclaimed Pallet Wood Bench
How to make a simple, attractive DIY pallet bench - the aim is a (deliberately) rustic bench seat for your backyard, garden, courtyard etc. The intent is not to disguise where the timber came from - pick a pallet with a strong colour scheme and make it shine. This is a simple and cheap DIY project that should cost virtually nothing provided you have a few tools and can scrounge a pallet for free or on the cheap and is a way to up cycle reclaimed timber
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Step 1: Find An Old Pallet

Picture of Find An Old Pallet
Find a used shipping pallet - I wanted to leave my bench unrefined and true to its original form (ie not sanded back) so I went with a red one. Try to avoid a pallet that is too damaged or warped (something I failed to check properly). Please note that one standard pallet (here in Australia) yielded enough timber for this project. You may want or need to adapt the measurements in case your pallet dimension are different. Ours are roughly 42 inches wide and deep. Also don't go stealing a pallet - see if you can find an old giveaway

Step 2: Tools Required...

Power drill and saw, clamps, screws, set square, wrecking/pry bar and mallet, tape measure. Please also use appropriate safety gear and take care while you are using a circular or powered saw. I recommend grabbing a whole bunch of long shanked exterior grade screws for putting it all together, plus maybe a countersink bit for getting the screw heads nice and flush

Step 3: Brute Force

Disassemble the pallet using wrecking bar and mallet. This is the slowest step as you'll need to avoid splitting or damaging the timber. My pallet involved helical nails (nails with shafts threaded like screws) so it took a long and difficult fight before victory was declared...
pfred21 year ago
All pallets are different sizes all over the world. There really is no standard size. Although there are standard sizes for various products. Some pallets have deposits on them and if you return them to the right place you get cash. Here the typical deposit is $5 USD, something a lot of people don't bother with. Like pallets that brick, and block come on are deposit pallets.

Another good thing to know about pallets is how they are treated for pests. You only want to use pallets that are marked HT (Heat Treated) because some pallets have nasty chemical treatments. I forget what the brand is for chemical treatment but if a pallet is branded with something other than HT be suspicious. It might only matter if you burn them though.
ryan8816 pfred210 months ago

The chemical treatment is fumigation with Methylene Bromide marked MB stay far far away from those pallets