This rustic hand made wooden American flag is a great conversation piece and is a stunning display of American heritage. It is also a fun and relatively easy project to complete using the process we share in this instructable.. The wood flag will make a wonderful addition to any room in your home or business.

Flag Dimensions:

  • 19.5" Width
  • 43.25" Length
  • 10.5" Width of Union (Blue Star Area)
  • 14.82" Length of Union (Blue Star Area)

Dimensions/ratios can be referenced at the link below if wish to do a different size flag:


Flag Materials & Tools Needed

  • Safety Goggles
  • Wood Glue (optional)
  • Wood for Stripes- (Qty 7)1 1/2" inches x 3/4", pine boards. Sold in 8 ft lengths at Menards, Lowes
  • Wood for Union/star area. We used pine cut to size. Menards and many home improvement stores also sell pine and spruce which are precut and glued in larger dimensions. Make sure it is 3/4" high (most of the pine boards sold are. Want to be sure the Union/star area is the same height as the stripes.
  • Stencil or Cricut Machine (to cut out stars for painting Union/star area
  • Wood for Plywood backer. We used a pre-cut 2 foot x 4 foot piece of 1/2 plywood
  • Stain- we used Sedona Red 222 Minwax wood stain
  • Stain Pad to apply stain
  • Spray paint for Union (Blue Star Area)- We used Rust-Olem Satin Midnight Blue
  • Cricut machine or stencil for 50 stars. We used a cricut machine. Contact us to purchase a custom sized stencil. Or purchase a stencil online. Search Amazon for 50 start stencil and find the correct size for your build.
  • Nails- (Small box) we used a small air powered nailer with 1.25 inch nails or you could use a hammer and nails
  • Circular saw (used for final step to trim excess from plywood backer board.
  • Handsaw or Electric Miter Saw to cut stripes to length and to cut Union (Blue Star Area)
  • Small chain with two screws (to use as a last step to hang the flag on the wall)

Step 1: Cut List & Wood Cutting

The first step is to cut your Wood for Stripes down to length. The bottom 6 stripes below the Union Blue/Star Area are full length and should be cut to 43.25". So make 6 cuts at 43.25" each.

The top 6 remaining stripes should be cut at the full length (43.25") minus the width of the Union (Blue/Star Area) which is 14.82". 43.25"-14.82"= 328.43". So cut 7 at 28.43" each.

Finally we need to cut the rectangle for the Union (Blue/Star Area) which should be cut from a large piece of pine or spruce at 10.5 *14.82

Cut List:

  • 6 cuts of the Stripe material (1 1/2" inches x 3/4", pine boards) at 43.25 inches each
  • 7 cuts of the Stripe material (1 1/2" inches x 3/4", pine boards) at 26 inches each
  • cut the Union rectangle (star area)

    10.5 *14.82

<p>Nice work and color! Mine has been outside for 2 years, holding very nice better than any fabric flags! And much prettier. </p>
<p>agreed. did you seal yours?</p>
Yes with 3 coats of Spar Urethane from Minwax. <br>
<p>I recently build a Cuban Flag humidor for a fundraiser. Instead of painting the wood, I used padauk for the red, maple for the white, and walnut for the blue. Since walnut is, well, brown, I had to stain it. I made a stain using copper acetate (copper soaked in white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide), but it was a bit too green. I added a bit of blue concrete dye I had laying around from a previous project to blue it up a bit. It turned out well! I have never used one of those Cricut things, that did a really nice job of masking. Cool project!</p>
<p>love, love , love the colors</p>
<p>wow that looks beautiful- nice work!</p>
<p>Big badda boom!</p>
<p>house rattling boomer</p>
<p>Nice work :)</p>
<p>thank you!</p>
<p>Awesome work, absolutely love it :) </p>
<p>aww thanks</p>
<p>You love your flag, you're right, it's a strong symbol of freedom and equality. This isn't dynamite here, is it ? You can buy, transport and ignite explosives freely, do you live in Alep ?</p>
It's more like a big firework
<p>Great instructable! Voted for ya! Love the flag - I want to make one too! Great job! </p>
<p>thanks for voting. It's pretty easy to make and a fun project, we just made another one.</p>
Looks awesome!
<p>thank you!</p>
<p>And the dynamite explosion was priceless....Katie's reaction was so funny. </p>

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