Picture of Rustic wooden towel rack
This instructable will show you how to make a towel rack from scrap wood and a broom stick.

We recently added wooden frames around the doors and windows  in our beach house, made from a Brazilian hard wood called Angelim Pedra. We had lots of this beautiful hard wood left over from this project, and I decided to use it to make some towel racks. I hate to see good wood go to waste!;-)

Here's how I did it...

• scrap wood
• broomstick
• wood glue
• varnish/paint
• nails
• screws
• plastic screw anchors

• Hammer
• Hack saw
• Grinder (optional)
• Paint brush
• Drill
• 13/16 wood bit
• rasp (or file)
• Screw driver
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Step 1: Select and measure wood

Picture of Select and measure wood
measure broom stick.jpg
As I mentioned in the introduction, I had a lot of Angelim Pedra to work with. Ironically I only had two broom sticks to work with. Since I wanted to make four of these towel racks, and the broomsticks measured about 100 cm each, I decided to make my racks about 50 cm wide.

The first picture above isn't the exact piece of wood I used, but from the same wood pile. 
(This is a piece I used for my Steampunk Socket/Switchplates;-)

Step 2: Grind (or sand) wood

Picture of Grind (or sand) wood
This wood is particularly hard, and as I learned in making my steampunk switchplates, it lends itself nicely to being finished with a grinder. The grinder adds a nice rustic effect, by leaving burn marks on the wood. If you don't have a grinder, or the wood you use doesn't lend itslef to this process, you may decide to just sand your wood.

This is also a good time to drill two holes through the base, equidistant from each end, where we will later mount the rack to the wall.
Great job... well done, I solved the fixing problem by drilling the mounting holes 1/2" above the center of the rail.
Winged Fist (author)  I am in the shed!3 years ago
I thought about that, and it certainly would have been easier, but I decided to go with this more complicated method, so that the mounting screws would be less visible. I'd like to see a picture of yours, if you could post one here in the comments!
This is one I made last year... You can just make out the positions of the mounting holes. I made one recently, also from Oak but more rustic looking like yours, I'm doing an instructable on it at the moment but can't get to my shed much to finish it.
Junophor3 years ago
Great idea

Cheers Aeon Junophor
Winged Fist (author)  Junophor3 years ago
Thanks Junophor! As you can see, I was able to sneak a few steampunk elements into our beach house;-)
Well how am I going to finish this without the last step? lol
Winged Fist (author)  Grasshopper12213 years ago
Grasshopper - Your comment made me literally "laugh-out-loud!";-)