Step 8: Mount Rack to Wall

If you have tiled walls, you probably want to drill a hole first, and install plastic screw anchors.

Measure the distance between the holes by placing the rack against the wall, and making marks (maybe with a nail or screw) through the holes in the wooden base. Once you have the plastic anchors in the wall, you're ready to mount the rack.

Great job... well done, I solved the fixing problem by drilling the mounting holes 1/2" above the center of the rail.
I thought about that, and it certainly would have been easier, but I decided to go with this more complicated method, so that the mounting screws would be less visible. I'd like to see a picture of yours, if you could post one here in the comments!
This is one I made last year... You can just make out the positions of the mounting holes. I made one recently, also from Oak but more rustic looking like yours, I'm doing an instructable on it at the moment but can't get to my shed much to finish it.
Great idea <br><br>Cheers Aeon Junophor
Thanks Junophor! As you can see, I was able to sneak a few steampunk elements into our beach house;-)
Well how am I going to finish this without the last step? lol <br>
Grasshopper - Your comment made me literally &quot;laugh-out-loud!&quot;;-)

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