How can you rust or completely degrade Iron in a matter of minutes..? Well the solution is 2 household chemicals that are cheap and effective! Bleach and vinegar is all you need for this experiment... Well that, and something iron to rust... XD

Know this experiment is a little on the more dangerous side so watch Out!! Do not try this at home unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing, and know that it is at your own liability... Listen to all the precautions Carefully and fully...

The mix I use is 1:1 Bleach to Vinegar, but I do explain more in depth as to why this mix isn't exactly crucial...

Hope you enjoy!

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You are really flooding the site. Good stuff. <br>Question: How much heat is produced by this reaction?
<p>When I had felt the side of the Jar it had hardly gotten warm, maybe gone up a couple of degrees Fahrenheit. So I would say it is not a very exothermic reaction, and thank you I am glad you like it...</p>
I know many high speed oxidation reactions make a lot of heat, hand warmers for instance.
<p>It is quite possible if I had had more iron in it that more heat could of been generated... Hmm... It might be something for me to test out soon...</p>