Ryobi 18vdc Flashlight With Ipod or Cell Phone Charger Output

Here's a quick hack that will multiply the uses of your 18vdc Ryobi flashlight. I've added a 12vdc output for charging my ipod or cell phone in a pinch. It took about a hour and wasn't too difficult. Check it out.

Parts list:
1-Ryobi 18vdc Flashlight model P700 (Home Depot approx. $13)
1-7812 12vdc Regulator (Radio Shack approx. $2.00)
1-Bell 12vdc Power Clip Adapter (Advanced Auto approx. $6.00)
6" of red and black wire (you can use the extra wire from the power clip or some old speaker wire)
3- 1/2" lengths of heat shrink tubing (Radio Shack)
1-Zip Tie
1-18vdc Ryobi Rechargeable Battery (you should already have this)
1-5vdc Power Adapter for Ipod or cell phone (you should already have this)

Tool List:
1- Drill and 1/4" bit
1-Soldering Iron
1-Roll of solder
1-Heat Gun (to shrink the heat shrink tubing, or you can use a match-be careful!!)

Step 3: 12 VDC Regulator

Here's the packaging for the 7812 regulator I bought at Radio Shack for about $2.00. Make sure you pay attention to the connection points as shown on the back of the package.

Step 4: Wire It Up!

Picture of Wire It Up!
Here's a drawing I made to try and explain the circuit. It's added as a parallel one and uses the regulator to reduce the voltage from 18vdc to 12 vdc. Hopefully you figure out all the parts of the light.
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epic, I will do this for sure.
deathwish24 years ago
Love the idea and I'm thinking of doing this . . . would be great for camping . . . any reason not to run two (or more) 7812's in parallel to give yourself more capacity overall/less thermal load per regulator?
omega23JP4 years ago
i like it   ,  those lithium batterys rock .   i did a led mod on a battery pack light like that and published it just before i found this site  ,
omega23JP4 years ago
you must have a better radio shack than mine