Picture of Ryu project
Sometimes simple is not just enough. Specially when it's PC case. Here is my:
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts

Firs of all you need a PC case (Be sure to choose the right case for your PC components),
then you need wood and mediapan boards, glue for wood, Hot glue, Silicone, Glass or Plexiglas, Coolers, 12V Neon's for  PC or car, oil paint or any glossy paint you find, LED's, wires, switches.
From the tools you need small saw, Hot glue gun, screws, air brush or brush, grinder, soldering iron, silicone pistol.

Step 2: Starting. . . TOP. . .

Picture of Starting. . . TOP. . .

Step 1.:Firs take apart the case to the frame.
Step 2.:Than organize the things in your head where to put things, how to look like the case.
Step 3.:After the idea make the main part of the case (in my case it was the top).
           I'm using 6mm mediapan for this. After I cut out the top whit paper tape secure the panels. that way I can cut out he other elements. When I finished with the parts, just glue together and left to dry 24h.

Part 4.:The original grid on the 12 cm cooler is nice but it's not fit in the picture! So I make one.
           Firs find something you like (can be anything: butterfly, lighting, dragon etc...) print it in the right dimension  then use indigo paper to copy on the wood plate.
the next step is to cut it out (after 2h of cutting I can't feel my arm!). Be aware if you don't leave connection part you wont be able to secure it! After cutting out use glue to secure it on the right place.