In the spirit of finding a use for something which would otherwise be thrown away, I made a set of S-Hooks from plastic hangers (the type that you get from department stores when you buy pants). These hooks can be used for medium-low strength applications, for example, I use them to hang half of my mugs. This project is relatively simple, and the method could easily be adapted to use different tools. I will describe how I made mine.

Things you will need:
-Plastic pant hangers
-2 Strong Pliers
-Table Vise

Step 1: Smash Hangers

          In order to get the metal part, you must separate the plastic hanger body from the metal hook. This is pretty simple and could be done a few ways, but my favorite way was to simply smash the hangers with a hammer. One hard hit, placed right over the intersection of clear plastic and metal hook, was enough for most hangers, though some needed a bit more convincing.
Good job. This would also work with campaign-sign wire, which was prevalent here a month ago. The wire can also be bent into simple tent stakes. The bending could also be done with a simple jig made up ou screws or nails inserted into a thick board . in the desired pattern. The wire or rod is then bent rhrough the pattern with a vise grips or similar tool. Good job
This is awesome! I couldn't quite picture it when you were describing it to me, nut this is a great idea!

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