S-Video to Composite





Introduction: S-Video to Composite

This is a general how to that shows you how to make a s-video cable into a composite adapter.



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    Why can't we view this video on our mobile? Is this so we have to expose our computers to ads and malware or what? Kinda seems a bit fishy to me so I just won't watch it. Sounds like others are having too much trouble with this instructable anyway. Good luck!

    i need a little help to be sure i do this right.

    The adapter that came with my graphics card(Pb,Pr,Y,S-video) has the seven pins that correspond with whats shown shown on the laptop's s-video out,but also has an extra two pins on the bottom (making a third row) where the laptop has a rectangular slot at the bottom,and it doesnt have red,yellow,green and white wires...instead it has: black,black with a white stripe,brown,brown with a white stripe plus a fifth bare wire with no insulation around it.

    please help me!

    i would guess that the 2 wires with the stripes are the grounds and the other 2 are the chroma and luma wires.

    it didn't work for me i just got shocked

    This didn't work for me. I only got the picture to show for a split second when I changed resolutions. Tried messing with settings for a bit, but could not get it working.

    So I just bought one of these:

    Thanks! you just saved me 30$!

    ESpecially since i lost the adapter that come with my cideo card!

    Could someone tell me how to do it, because I can't download the vid with dial-up internet.