Picture of S-Video to RCA Connecter
How to build a computer to TV converter or s-video to RCA
originally from link
Sorry i decided to make this instuctable after i made the converter

Step 1: Get Your Parts

Picture of Get Your Parts
An electronics store should carry all of these parts but your store may not.

1.S-Video connector link
2. RCA connector and cable ( I salvaged mine)
3. 470pf ceramic capacitor (I already Had One)
4. Wire
5. Solder
6. Soldering iron
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bigdaddy1a1 year ago
works perfect, didn't use the capacitor, not sure what it would do to help the picture. More then happy with the quality on a 55" plasma. Thanks de-evolution
hd. septian4 years ago
Picture Just wite & Black, what should I do?
If your video is b&w then you used the wrong wire. Look here http://moviespics.wcgame.ru/s-video-pinout.html

If you use pins 3 and 1 you will get b&w.
If you use pins 4 and 2 you will get color.
I have a problem it displays Black and White picture only not color please help why ??
ScubaSteve6 years ago
Can someone please tell me why i need a capacitor? ive seen this done without a capacitor, and it dosent seem to hurt anything
We work on Polycom Video Conferencing units and if you have an auxilary video source that you would like to add to the system. You need to connect it to the S-Video connection. The same happens as with "GAUZZ". Due to the Y and C not being fused together properly. I'm not sure if the cap will work, but I'm curious to try it. We recommend that you use a scaler instead of this cable. Even though we've seen it work.
dkumar44 years ago
where to plug rca connector
kane894 years ago
does it matter the voltage of the 470pf ceramic capacitor
i have found a few on jameco.com but not sure which to get
could a electrolytic capacitor be used in place of the ceramic?
leifforrest4 years ago
There are lots of mini-din connectors, S-video is a 4 pin. See this wikipedia link for a run down.
gauzz4 years ago
Helpp please!!!

I did a cable without the capacitor but it only works for less than a second, then everything goes black.

Do you believe if I use the cap it'll work? Also in what kind of electronics I can find one? I cant find a place that sells a pf anything.
gauzz gauzz4 years ago
So... I finally did it, the cables were not connected well so I fixed it without the need of a capacitor.

Worked for me without the capacitor as well.
abadfart6 years ago
hey dose anyone have the coding for a VGA cable
n0ukf abadfart5 years ago
Do you mean the pinout? See Hardware Book.
Hi, I have made my 4 pin S-Video to Composite...I think thats what it is....cable but I have to test it yet...I am catching up to all the ideas I got from here on Instructables...lol, I am having a great time...fooooooood!
TCPMeta6 years ago
All you need is Pins 2 and 4. Ground and Color (Chrominance). Pin 3 is for gray scale video. So with people using 2wire cables just put red to RCA Data and white to RCA Ground. The capacitor is not needed but it helps to clear up the picture a bit, kinda like a weak drop amp.
kidapx6 years ago
I have also run into the same problem as jbulldog my S-Video only has 2 wires, a red and a white and inside each wires is another wire. Any idea which would work as ground and which works as the video feed???
lotusomega6 years ago
don't need a Capacitor it´s work whit out it
are u german?
rcbally6 years ago
is it possible to do the 7pin to give comp video and audio on RCAs, if so how?
itstemo17 years ago
Do it work the other way around? RCA to S-Video?
Sedge156 years ago
Hey, I'm assuming most of you here are from America? What with the Radio-Shack and all! Just wondering how common a 9 Pin S-Video Cable is over there??? EMPHASIS on the 9!!! lols I'm from Australia and for the life of me can't find a 9 pin! On to my main point!! Awesome Instructable, have tried a similar thing except with 9 pin. failed epicly. So yeah, if 9 pin S-video is common over there would be grateful to know!! Sedge
jbulldog_117 years ago
I have a radio shack s-video cable, and it has a red and wire only, and then a pink inside the red, and a clear inside the white. Do you happen to know which cable is which?
maxpower497 years ago
does this work for pc or does it only work for laptops
DIY Dave7 years ago
do they sell that capacitor at radio shack?
acaz93 DIY Dave7 years ago
They do , they are in a drawer
DIY Dave acaz937 years ago
Thanks, I'll get 1 tomorow.
just finished it this evening
acaz93 DIY Dave7 years ago
it worked all right ?
DIY Dave acaz937 years ago
yes, it worked
acaz93 DIY Dave7 years ago
turner227 years ago
Could you make this with an ipod cord? And if so, how?
stxera7 years ago
thanks for the instructions, I'm yet to salvage a capacitor that works.. it does work without a capacitor - but I'm not sure its best that way.
munchman7 years ago
It would be easier, cheaper and safer just to buy one...
vanmankline7 years ago
Through other sources I've found 400 pf - 10 nf capacitors would be acceptable (with ~470 being ideal). However, I have been unable to find any. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might be able to salvage one from?
hondagofast7 years ago
I didn't see the schematic at first, but this is a very useful instructable. +1!
paulgeering7 years ago
Would I be right in thinking that this will only convert an s-video signal to composite video but will not convert in the other direction (composite -> s-video)?
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