I had a wire shelf and wanted to hang things from it. So I bought a pack of S-hooks and made them semi-permanent. Happy, happy hanging hooks.

Step 1: Step One, Have Something - Anything - That You Want to Hang Other Things From.

I had a wire shelf... you could also do this from pot racks, restaurant-style wire shelving units, chainlink fencing, wire grids of any kind... you get the idea.

Step 2: Hang Things!

And viola, US $6.95 and some judicious pliers work later, places to hang things!

Things like these wondrous S-hooks!
you even have your shops lights picured as well- were you just doing a shop remodeling
A little bit! Putting in a new-to-me workbench gave the opportunity to finally hang up a wire shelf I had lying around, and to use some leftover lights.
You're right.<br/><br/>They *are* nice!<br/>

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