Step 5: Where Do I Get My Lenses From..?

Also you can now purchase them from blueangelical.me.uk, cheers.
Ok, joined the forum Airsoft-Forum "http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk" for anybody who wants to chat about these lenses or S10s and can't find me elsewhere. Cheers.
Hiya, yes I remember you, hi nice to hear from you. Yes I had someone copy my exact advert, word for word, on eBay, complained and they took him off. Then he added one word extra, undercut me by half and stuck it back on. Pointless me being on there ;-) yes, I can cut them any size out of the sheets, just need the diameter of the lenses. Message me through eBay if you want. Cheers.
Dude I would have, but searching for blueangelical on ebay isn't finding you and, for some reason the sale is not in my purchases list - I think maybe we took it straight to paypal? If you remember I mentioned a forum I'm active on? Well you have popped up in discussion again: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/7377-the-what-have-you-just-bought-thread/page-98# maybe you should make a personal appearance...
Oh yeah, and can you do non-circular lenses if I make a paper template?
Hi, thanks for the comment although I have to totally disagree. Firstly alot of AIRSOFTERS wear gas masks, me included and if you don't like the conditions it generates you don't wear them, they're not for everyone. Secondly about the filter, I strip mine, clean it out and put the case back before I use it. This instructable is for AIRSOFTERS who already use a gasmask. I've used mine every week for years and never become claustrophobic in 20mins and just FYI AIRSOFTERS who wear plastic glasses are more likely to remove them as they fog up alot. My S10 never fogs and I play in rain, snow, sun and CQB.
Hi, <br>i bought some and they're great, but i can't find you on ebay anymore. <br> <br>Can you make lenses for Russian respirators also, or any custom sizes, like for torches?
your playing airsoft with a gas mask? <br>I have a couple recommendations. <br>1. When your wearing a gas mask and running around your going to generate a lot of heat and sweat. In 20 min People will become claustrophobic. They will take off their mask. This is particularly dangerous when little plastic pellets are flying about. I know a guy who is blind in one eye from not wearing safety gear during paintball. <br>2. The filters on surplus gas masks are old and expired. The old ones contain hazardous chemicals. I would just take it off and dispose of it as hazmat. If you want to look cool then just buy a brand new C2A1 filter from 3m It uses the same NATO 40 mm fittings and will fit it nicely.

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