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Introduction: S4 Brand New Type of Bolt Action

About: I used to build K'nex guns. I'd like to think I've grown to be quite good at it, however, I've lost most of my interest in K'nex over my first couple of years in High School, but I do occasionally still come...
hey guys! i am so glad to finally have this gun finished. this was one of the hardest builds i have faced so far, and i am really proud of myself. actually, to be more specific, the build itself wasn't hard, the word i was looking for was design. it was an immensely hard gun to design, but since you guys have the privilege to have it already posted (soon, don't worry), you don't have to struggle with it. so enough about that, lets get into the gun, shall we?

before i even thought of the concept for this gun as a whole, i was thinking about two of my best guns, both having a major flaw in them. the first, the REMPAR. this was an awesome pump action with a removable magazine i made about a year ago, and, while my S1 and S2 both beat it in strength, it was my most accurate weapon ever, and it was my fastest rof weapon ever. the major flaw? SIZE! it was massive! it was extremely long and wide, because of the nature of the pump mechanism i chose to go with. it worked amazingly well, but the size was unbearable. how did i fix that in this gun? i made it with only one side of the mechanism, sparing the necessity for yellow rods, and i also made a charging handle instead of a pump, and that also saves on length, because the charging handle can overlap onto the handle. the REMPAR also wasn't bolt action, which could have made it much stronger, but that's too late... the second, the S1. the S1 was another awesome weapon i made a couple months ago. it was a bullpup bolt action assault rifle that was built with mainly strength in mind. at the end, it was strong, but later my S2 will have been stronger. the major flaw in it? the flaw that comes with all bolt actions, especially with bullpup bolt actions, where the bolt is in the stock - it's uncomfortable and slow to load. all bolt actions (if you're aiming and not hip-firing) are slow to load, because you have to let go of the foregrip, get all the way back to the bolt, load, and get all the way back front, and that wastes too much time in a war (fractions of a second, but that's precious valuable time). the REMPAR mechanism counters that problem. also, in bullpup bolt actions (and in bullpups in general, but more on bolt actions), the bolt really goes all the way back to your shoulder, and that is really uncomfortable and time consuming. how did i solve that in this gun? i made a front bolt that also acts as a foregrip, so you never have to let go of it and you can fire very fast.

so what is this gun anyway? well, it's a bullpup bolt action assault rifle, with a removable blue rod magazine, and a very comfortable, very good, very fast REMPAR style reloading mech, that really changes the way you build the gun completely. if you really think about it, the concept behind this gun really is in between the REMPAR and S1, taking the best qualities of both and combining them into one better gun. i hope you guys enjoy this gun as much as i do, for a fast, comfortable bullpup bolt action is something that was missing from our community. some stats, shall we?

roughly 55~70 feet range
very accurate in 3/4 shots, some have a weird curve to them that i can't quite understand what's causing it
extremely high rate of fire, about 2 rounds per second (for comparison, my REMPAR was 3RPS)
very comfortable
looks good
6 layers (i think this is one of it's kind for a pin gun)
works very well

yes, this gun is the definition of the word awesome, so it is a literal stat for it. deal with it. bitch. (DISCLAIMER: <<< joke).

here is my video:

here is a video of the fixed, finalized, perfected version:

don't forget to check out the instructions here.

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    i give it a 100000000 very good gun

    I did :) Looks great. However, most of your guns use tons of broken pieces. Try to keep this one's mild.

    sorry, too late for that ; ( i really don't see what the big problem with cut pieces is... building without cut pieces really is just limiting your possibilities. whatever, sorry, it has a bit of them.

    alright, scratch that. i have had a few hours to work on it just now, and i found a solution to my biggest problem, and the rest just came magically. my problem was that the chambering wasn't smooth at all, and the only solution i could think of involved completely remaking the receiver area, which was the toughest part to make, and i really liked the way it came out. i was really lazy about it as well as i thought it would take me a lot of time (it would have), but messing around with it open i thought of something i was doubtful would work, but i tried it anyway to see if i could somehow spare myself a lot more hard work in time i don't exactly have. anyway, i have fixed that problem and i've found a neat little way that greatly reduces the massive amounts of friction on the loading plate (you'll see what i mean when it's posted, which is gonna be sooner than i thought), making it a whole lot easier to load the gun. i've also made the magazine easier to use. i've specked it up quite a bit, and i am very happy with it at the moment. what i have right now is worthy of being posted, and will be so soon (trololololol). just thought you might like to know.

    lol ok. i am currently taking pics actually, so be sure it'll be posted this week.

    trololol. i would heartily advise you to stop because i don't see any time soon when i'll have the chance to finish it. i won't update this page anyway, so that when i post it, it will be in a separate 'ible, which you will know of because you're following me. bottom line - sorry, not gonna be done anytime soon (probably).

    thank you ! i've just finished taking pictures, and they are transferring to my computer as we speak. check it out later today.

    i don't ever get a chance to work on it, and i'm just plain lazy too. i need to fix a few things in it before i post it. i really don't know when i'll finish it, but i promise it will be posted sometime.

    Ok thanks but one con (for me) is that its six layers wide. Is it possible to make it 5 layers but keep the same mech that you made?

    no. that's the whole point. why is it a con? the handle and everything is 5 layers. only the upper part of the gun is 6 layers. the mag well and the handle are both 5 layers, and the mag is 3 layers. anyway, the answer is no. actually no, i'm sorry, the handle is 3 layers. it's very comfortable, and i don't have such big hands. pretty average for an adult.

    Oh ok I thought the whole gun was 6 layers. Nevermind then its not a big deal.

    you don't even feel it. none of the parts that need to be comfortable are 6 layers (or 4 layers for that matter, if you were wondering).