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Introduction: SA 3252 8.5 Final Photos

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I did more work on this, but sadly, I can't get the range above 10 feet. The mechanism works great otherwise. The problem seems to be that the rotating mech is too heavy to get up to the necessary firing speed. And there's no way to make it lighter in this version. I've started working on new concepts for a super light version, but I think I'll give the 3252 project a rest for a while. The version you see here will be destroyed shortly.

On a lighter note, I am working on another (much simpler) type of semi-auto now. The plan is that it will have 16 barrels and fire yellow rods 50 feet. Shouldn't take me too long or pose too much difficulty (I hope). You can expect to be seeing it in the near future.

Oh, and I'm going to post all of the drawings that I've done for the 3252 at some point. I have 25 pages of them currently. I will also do some new drawings that break down and explain exactly how version 8.5 worked. The reason I want to do this is so that the knex gun community can share in the knowledge from this project. I did learn a lot from doing this and feel that it would be beneficial to report on it.



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    At this point I would give up as there are more powerful semi-autos that are much more compact. Kudos to you for dedication on a project that seemed doomed from the first slideshow of it.

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    Yeah, you might just be right. Knex may be too weak for this idea. This would work in an instant if it was made in metal. I've discovered that the design tends to need to hold more energy to overcome the weight, but in order to make it hold more energy it needs to be heavier. This puts it in a catch-22. To move forward with the design will require innovative thinking. I'll have to create more strength with less parts. And thanks for appreciating the dedication. As I said, I've learned a lot from this, and invented some new mechanisms, so it'll be worth it when I share the new stuff.

    really cool, good luck with the semi-autos, i am lokking forward to see what information you can share about this project

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    Thanks. I didn't bother with a video because I never made a way to hold the mag in properly so I have to do it by hand. It would be a pain to get it to fire and film it at the same time. That and I'm waiting until I can get the range up. It's not really worth showing.