SA 3252 V.7





Introduction: SA 3252 V.7

I'm still working on this, but here's the latest.

How this version will work;

This gun is powered by a large elastic that is hand cranked around a spool. The different mechanisms are linked to each other by gears. The blocking mech section of the trigger mech moves at half the rate of speed that the spool and firing mech move. This is because the blocking mech blocks every 180 degree rotation, while the firing mech needs to operate on 360 degree rotations. The gun uses an "alternating" semi-automatic trigger mechanism that unblocks one block mech, while the other remains in a blocked position. This ensures that no matter how slowly you pull the trigger and no matter how fast the firing elastic rotates the mechanism, the trigger will not fail to block the mechanism in exactly one rotation.

I'm still working on this version, but I got good results in previous versions. Upon completion, this will likely fire 6 rounds from a magazine 30 feet semi-automatically before re-cocking. I intend to take this design to the end, not stopping my work on it until it can function no better.

UPDATE: I've begun working on version 8. Turns out 7 had some problems. 8 will still include gears, an alternating trigger mech, and the same firing mech, but I'm totally redesigning the rest of it.



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I smell it....a new era of K'nex mechs....and we're peeking around the corner of it..

Great, if this takes off I can see a step forward in the K'nex community.

Yes, thank you, that's exactly the purpose of this gun. It's about the potential of the design. There are so many applications of this and ways to improve it.

"re-cocking" Not a semi auto.

I think he means you just cock it once after loading, then pull the trigger and it shoots like a semi auto. No cocking needed after the first one.

Right, you wind it up six rotations, then it shoots 6 rounds without rewinding. The process is repeated after every six shots.

That's not semi-auto then. That's like pumping a shotgun 6 times then firing off 6 shots. You still had to pump once for each shot fired, but just not right after firing.

D: there's always so much contravercy on semi-autos that I wouldn't be surprised if someone set a whole site up for discussion about it.