SA OTF Xiphoid MK IV - Arm Mounted Blade





Introduction: SA OTF Xiphoid MK IV - Arm Mounted Blade

About: AKA Roborovski, and Cowscankill for several years. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad.

 Single Action Out the Front Xiphoid Mark Four

This is the fourth xiphoid I have made. It's pretty simple, and works very well.
This is NOT meant to be from Assassin's Creed! Though I love the game, this is UNRELATED.
Made from a drawer slide, 5 bolts, 9 nuts, strips of homemade faux leather, 4 keyrings, wire, springs, and a ring.

Thanks to Nightshade for the latch design.
Thanks to NightHawk22 for the awesome song.
Thanks to SINZA for his epic forum, you rock! 



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    can you make a retractable blade??spring loaded or motorized any will work for me

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    wanna see my concept??? its a design that allows minimal force to eject or retract a very long object, like the blade. Details are on my instructable:

    Hope i helped you......

    I can, though I can link you to a tutorial that has already been done well.

    assasins creed!!! i to am planning my own design frm that game. >=) i am working on the wrist pistol. i have the general design and have come up with a (hopefully) safe way of firing a revolver round. withou fireing off my hand too but we'll see.

    is there any way you could make me one, i would buy it if you made it

    Could you post specifics on either where to salvage a latch like the one shown in the video, or how to obtain/construct one? Thanks. (P.S. What is that EPIC music played in the sped up section?)

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    I just cut it out myself from scrap metal. It's shaped like an L with a hook.

    Any idea where you might have gotten your springs? I used 2.4 pound springs from home depot, but they turned out to be made out of crappy material- Stretched out like nobody's business.

    Umm not sure, all the drawer slides are the same width from the hardware store...

    Ah fair - It looks like quite a wide one, so i shal have to have a look for a bigger one :)

    I like it

    some tips / things you could do different:
    - have some sort of arm protector, that looked kind of uncomfortable with the bare screw/nuts against your arm
    - have it to where you can stab and slash with out the blade retracting, because a real hidden blade can do that, so maybe have a locking pin that can be removed [see below for details]
    [see above for unnecessary use of brackets with words in them]
    possibly switch the ring to your ring finger and have a locking pin wire and ring on your pinky-finger. so somehow you could bring out the blade and keep it from moving when you stab, and you could also bring it back in when you wanted

    I would buy a wholly completed one

    Anything... depends on what you have.

    av just made 1 from shin gaurds havin a bit troulbe with the latch