SABR (Sharir1701's Amazing Bullpup Rifle)





Introduction: SABR (Sharir1701's Amazing Bullpup Rifle)

YAY !!! this is my tenth 'ible !!!

EDIT : YAY !!! the amazing new magazine is out. this new magazine has an internal mag pusher, completely eliminating the oh-so annoying long rod sticking out the bottom (external mag pusher). also, unlike the old mag, this new one can be inserted and taken out of the gun at anytime, without having to cock the ram. also, since i eliminated the long rod at the bottom, i wanted to give it a perfect fit in the gun, but to still be able to easily pull it out, so i made it 1 unit shorter (you don't have to do this), and now the magazine perfectly fits into the gun. seriously, there is only like half an inch sticking out in the center, and like 5 milimeters (or less) sticking out at the sides (watch the video).
i really think that this mag is the next generation of knex mags. it's removable, it doesn't need to clipped on like most mags (it just uses friction to be held in, and i like to use blue 3d's, which cause more friction because of the little round parts on their sides (the 3d connections)), it doesn't need to be cocked before loading and un-cocked after insertion into the gun (because of the ceiling), it can be removed and put back at anytime, without the bullets bursting out, or having to cock the ram, it uses the perfect bullet (in my opinion. rods have the dents in their sides, causing a very high rate of friction, making them much weaker, and other bullets of this type aren't good (shorter ones aren't heavy enough and don't get range, accuracy or power, while longer ones are too heavy and fall very quickly)), it has no rod rod sticking out the bottom, it looks great, it's very easily accustom-able to every type of barrel, it's extremely fast and easy to load, and last but not least, the basic stuff : it never jams, the bullets always go up, it doesn't fall apart, etc.
i know i like to write and talk a lot. anyway, i also have a version 2 out. both the mag and the v2 are discussed in the following vid:
if you want me to post the mag and v2, post a comment saying so. if i get 10 requests to post them, i will.

this is an amazing bullpup rifle i made. for more details, please look at the video 'ible of this gun here .

there is a pro/con list there, a video, and a summary. there are also a few notes about the magazine you should know.

in order to build the old magazine, look at this video:

Step 1: Back Barrel and Ram

read and follow image notes.

Step 2: Everything Else

read and follow image notes. all white connectors can be subbed for 3d connectors and all 3ds can be whites. doesn't matter.



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Are there many broken pieces? I have a bunch of whites cut, but are there any bit things like there were in the pump action sniper?

I honestly don't remember... Skim the instructable and I'm sure you'll find your answers

I like the design on this gun. It looks compact, which is a great quality in Knex guns especially.

yeah. it's also my most powerful gun EVAR although it doesn't look like it. i got it to shoot 136 feet !!! (i think?)

Strengthened my rendition of the gun, It got about 140 feet!!!!!!!!

Cool !!! So you built it and modded it? Post a pic maybe?

There's a much better way to make the trigger than what you did.

then why don't you make it better instead of saying you can make it better

If you value your dignity - dont throw DJ down a wager.

i'm not throwing anybody a wager, i just hate people who say: "i could have done that better", or " you did it wrong"... just do it yourselves people !!! don't tell other people what they did wrong.