This frightening costume was made from a second hand costume and an old bicycle helmet. The face was shaped with hardwire cloth, wired to the helmet and covered with paper mache. The eyes and nose were shaped from modeling clay and wired to the helmet. The large teeth were cut from 1" x 2" wood trim and shaped with a file. The ends were tapered into a 3/8" dowel shape to be mounted to the helmet. The small teeth were cut from a 1/4" dowel and shaped with a file. Holes were drilled in the helmet and the teeth were secured with glue. The large teeth were also attached with wire. The mask was painted with acrylic paints. The whiskers were cut from old plastic packaging, poked through the paper mache and secured with glue. GRRRRRR!



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    It could be worse with like flesh fragments stuck between the teeth or something. And what's so bad about blood? It's just a liquid inside all of us.

    its not a true liquid! it is made of solid red and white blood cells that are small enough for it to look like a liquid, but still be a solid!

    The blood is made up of solids (some parts of cells) and liquids (water, and other parts of cells). So we were both wrong. Blood is a mixture of liquids and solids. Cells are also a mixture.

    yes they are, i was pointing out the fact that cells have solids in them

    sorry to butt in a year later but, no you werent

    There aren't flesh fragments, but there is a whole kid in there!

    I wasn't being sarcastic. I think it's awesome.

    This is really cute, and so much better than any store-bought costume!

    Love this! You did a great job on this.

    That is great. Bet it took a while to make. Great work.

    That looks fabulous! I hope it translates to extra Halloween candy.