Need to remove the clutch from your Sachs moped motor? It's no biggie. Grab a wrench and follow along.....

I'll show you how to do it.

I made it at Techshop. The have a work bay where you can work on your car, motorcycle, moped... whatever! There are 3 of them around the SF Bay Area, so it's pretty convenient. There's others around the country and they have lots of tools and workshops. Wood, Metal, Fabrics, Electronics and more. It's rad.

Check it out here:                 www.techshop.ws


You'll need:

A flathead screwdriver
A piston stop
A socket wrench with a 17mm socket and a sparkplug socket

Step 1: Getting Started

There are a few different Sachs motors out there, I believe the one that we're working with is the 504 model, though I could be wrong. Doesn't matter so much, they're all pretty similar. Rather than draining the oil from the motor, let's just lean the moped on it's side. Put down a piece of cardboard, or a rag, in case there is any spillage. Lean on a chair or milk crate or tree stump or something.

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