SAO Teleport Crystal




Introduction: SAO Teleport Crystal

Just in case you need to escape a sticky situation, It's always a good idea to have a teleport crystal handy!

Step 1: Materials

2 empty tic tac containers

Clear tape

Blue tape

Silver tape


Step 2: Getting the Shape

Tape the two tic tac containers together as shown.

You may choose to leave the openings uncovered for functionality.

Step 3: The Designs

First off I noticed that normal corrugated cardboard is too thick for a project like this, so first you will need to carefully peel one sheet off of the cardboard.

How well this works will depend on the sample you use. If it rips, try again.

Once you have your sheet, draw out the designs as shown as best you can.

Carefully cut out, and even more carefully use small strips of silver tape to coat the piece.

Step 4: Next

You will want to color the containers with the blue tape here. I did not and it was a hassle to do so.

Use the clear tape to tape the designs onto the container as shown.

Step 5: Finish!

I went back and colored it., but other than that, that's it!

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