the Strike Attack Rifle 2
better range and accuracy the sar 1
thank to DJ Radio for the true bolt idea and for the bolt design
true bolt
good range

bad stock
low trigger

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Step 1: Handle

simple, just build from the pics

Step 2: Fake Barrel

3.different view
4.add 1 and 2
5. Add yellow rod and 3 yellow connector(one side only)
7.add to barrel
8.add the tactical rails

Step 3: Stock

3.inside view of 2
4.connect to blue rod
5.add red connector and blue rods
8.add together

Step 4: Barrel

just make from the pics

Step 5: Hopper

again just make from the pics

Step 6: True Bolt

if u cant make this u suck an should go live in a hole away from society lol
I'm kidding but really if u cant make this u suck
thank you DJ Radio for the bolt, i had to slightly mod it for this gun

Step 7: Put It All Together

fun part
1.hopper and barrel
2.add the bolt
3.connect hopper/barrel to fake barrel
5.different angle
6.make the hopper covers
7.now connect them on both sides

Step 8: Optional Scope Attachment

2.attach these on the rails
3.it just slides into place(its so easy a caveman could do it)

Step 9: Add the Rubberbands

No offense or anything, it feels like a knock off of my gun. &nbsp;It doesn't really improve on anything from my gun and stock looks like a downgrade.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I like the fact that you like my ideas a lot, but still...<br />
sorry i had no intention of making it that way <br />
Cheap knock off of dj radios gun.
i respect your opinion but it isn't a cheap knock off of his gun <br />
&nbsp;pretty nice 3.5*
if you would like, i can help you put a bottom-loading mag on that, and maybe help with the handle a bit<br />
sure that might be helpful<br /> <br />
It's alright. You need to make the handle 3 layers and move the trigger up some. And make a better stock. <br /> <br /> Otherwise, it's pretty good. <br />
good idea thanks<br /> <br /> <br />
very cool, but the handle is too short<br />
If the trigger is too low make the handle longer<br />
omg the trigger's low!<br />
i know it was the only trigger i found that could work, sorry <br />
&nbsp;cool 5 stars
that didn't take long i only just got done with the gun<br />
&nbsp;LOL haha!! i just subscribed to yoo by the way :)
cool thanks!! <br />
&nbsp;subscribe me :)
just did<br />

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