This instructable will show you how to transform a normal Xbox data transfer cable into a full SATA to USB cable.

Added bonus: It will still work as an Xbox data transfer cable after we are through!

Step 1: Parts List

You will need:

1. A 12v Switching Power supply capable of 1A.
2. A power plug that fits said power supply
3. A piece of wire (about 3.5" long)
4. An Xbox data transfer cable
5. A full size SATA hard drive
6. A hot glue gun with a stick of glue ready
7. tin snips or pair of heavy duty scissors
8. A little time
9. (optional) patience
I pulled out an original 360 hard drive so I could use it in a slim xbox and was wondering can you do this mod with the original 360 transfer cable and the sata cable that's inside the 360 hard drive case?

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