Picture of SAVAGE mod for streamline nerf darts
Oki so i was messin round with the darts and i was gettin proper pist off at the darts wag tailing it out of the gun( when the back end of the dart spins taking speed off the dart).. I pretty much put it down to the weight of the tip not been heavy enough so i was left thinkin how do i weight the dart without shredding it up. I wanted to continue usin the darts in the clip, so i wanted to leave the darts intact as much as possible.

Now eres what i came up with, by the way ive used this mod in the recon, long strike and nitefinder and it works class

recon (has the air restrictor drilled out)

long strike (as above)

nitefinder (is factory set)


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Step 1: Before mod

Picture of Before mod
Oki so eh i decided to use was basically fishing weights,  the size i used were .8 g , and ya can pick em up in any fishing store for 1 euro 50 cent ere,  and fixed up 24 darts with the lot..

Step 2: Whats needed

Picture of whats needed
with the size pellets i bought ( forgot the nerf dart for size measures) i managed 2 pellets in the tip of the dart without deforming the tip too much, now you'll notice the tip is a bit bumpy around the sides when ur finished but not enough to snag in the chamber. If you want you can use bigger pellets prob twice the size of the .8 s... so 1.6g will fit snug, or if you wanna use smaller ones and make buck shot darts then work away just make sure there not so small that they fall out the whistle hole(unless you wanna use glue to seal the hole)
eman4143 years ago
you can also use copper bb's