Small Ball Machine & Element
So I made this last night while waiting for the fireworks. I made it for the sideways green pathing stuff you see. Yeah I know the machine itself is really basic, I was just messing with that kind of new pathing, and a non standard chain lift. The lift is a vertical chainsaw lift.
I'm trying to get more parts on ebay and then I'll make a bigger ball machine like the other one in the last slideshow (hopefully larger).
from which set is the green rail stuff?
The Motorized Madness Ball Machine.
That's at least where I got mine from, it's probably in other sets as well, and you might be able to buy just those pieces directly from the KNEX website.
not to bad is this your first?
well to a degree its more like 5th, but the other old ones were really bad, like from 2 years ago.
Oh ok
Yeah. I count it as my second though. I really should have spent more time, and done a better job.
Nah I like small, compact, clean, little ball machines like this
Okay. I thought it could be more dense though.
Yeh<br><br>Do another small one like this and post.
I'll think about it.
Id build if it didn't have that green half pipe pathing stuff
nice!!! (forgot to reply... :( )
no prob!
Nice small ball machine! I like that green track element, and cool lift. Is it okay if I add the lift to my guide?
Sure, but it's a lot like your own. I like the green one too.
Cool, 4.5*.

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