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(seleziona's compact bullpup 2010)
Well, after being inactive, i decided to give you guys something awesome.... And that is just what i did. I made a small bullpup gun without a stock, cool sights, comfy, and shoots blue rods (Hard). I don't really have much else to say, so let's see what this gun is about.

Ammunition- Blue rods
Mag capacity- 13
Range- 50 feet (consistent)
Features- bullpup design w/o stock

Good range and accuracy
comfy handle
cool sights

you can't push on the pin at all when it's pulled back
a couple broken parts needed (broken white rod, two broken orange connectors

So please, build it and tell me if you like it!

(and take a picture of it if you can)

Step 1: The Gun

I'm going to put all the building into one step. Loading and banding will be separate.
Just follow the images, and the occasional image note.

Step 2: Break

Go outside and enjoy your backyard or tropical place or whatever!

Step 3: Banding+ Loading

the rest of the instructable! 
Follow image notes.

Step 4: Thank You :)

Thanks for building if you did :D



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    hey seleziona,

    i am going to start building this thing right now, and after that i am going to mod it so that is has a stock. Is it okay if i make a modguide for it?? it is okay if you say no of course. But i was just wondering. BTW really nive concept

    i love the gun ive built a bunch of your guns i just love them

    Now that it is after christmas, I can finally build this gun. I have more than 20 hinges now. Gonna start it now.

    I want to build this, but I can't until christmas. I don't have enough hinges. Even if my cat Kepi had'nt lost one of the hinges, I still wouldn't have enough. I only have three hinges now. Anyway, awesome, 5-star gun. I love your knex weapons. :)

    *builds without taping the trigger part*

    *Trigger breaks on me*

    *Gets angry*

    Nice Gun! Only Con was what happened up there ^

    but the ram rod keeps getting stuck on the red connector with the green rod ( a.k.a Trigger)

    YES! i pull the trigger back and the rod wont hit the ammo. It gets stuck on the trigger.

    put the elastics further down so the ram is bending downward when you pull it back. This will for sure fix the problem,

    lol on the news there was someone who got lost in a corn maze and called 911 its so stupid, all they had to do is walk through the corn

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