Introduction: SCB-10

(seleziona's compact bullpup 2010)
Well, after being inactive, i decided to give you guys something awesome.... And that is just what i did. I made a small bullpup gun without a stock, cool sights, comfy, and shoots blue rods (Hard). I don't really have much else to say, so let's see what this gun is about.

Ammunition- Blue rods
Mag capacity- 13
Range- 50 feet (consistent)
Features- bullpup design w/o stock

Good range and accuracy
comfy handle
cool sights

you can't push on the pin at all when it's pulled back
a couple broken parts needed (broken white rod, two broken orange connectors

So please, build it and tell me if you like it!

(and take a picture of it if you can)

Step 1: The Gun

I'm going to put all the building into one step. Loading and banding will be separate.
Just follow the images, and the occasional image note.

Step 2: Break

Go outside and enjoy your backyard or tropical place or whatever!

Step 3: Banding+ Loading

the rest of the instructable! 
Follow image notes.

Step 4: Thank You :)

Thanks for building if you did :D



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    hey seleziona,

    i am going to start building this thing right now, and after that i am going to mod it so that is has a stock. Is it okay if i make a modguide for it?? it is okay if you say no of course. But i was just wondering. BTW really nive concept

    i love the gun ive built a bunch of your guns i just love them

    Now that it is after christmas, I can finally build this gun. I have more than 20 hinges now. Gonna start it now.

    I want to build this, but I can't until christmas. I don't have enough hinges. Even if my cat Kepi had'nt lost one of the hinges, I still wouldn't have enough. I only have three hinges now. Anyway, awesome, 5-star gun. I love your knex weapons. :)

    *builds without taping the trigger part*

    *Trigger breaks on me*

    *Gets angry*

    Nice Gun! Only Con was what happened up there ^

    thanks :) i did model it after that gun :D

    great gun i just have a few questions
    1. how does ur trigger system work
    2. how do you keep ur mags in place