SCUBA Mask Wiper Blades




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Introduction: SCUBA Mask Wiper Blades

Cars are manufactured with windshield wipers for one simple reason: they help you see better in wet conditions.  Given this fact, it makes perfect sense to take this concept to other areas of life. 

I like to SCUBA dive, but I have always found the mask visually restrictive.  So, it is completely logical to add wiper blades to the mask to improve the visibility. 

Underwater Chindogu, Dude.



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    That's all fine and good, but if you're going to all that trouble, why not buy some defog? Also, when you're taking dive classes, they show you how to defog your mask. Cool idea, but maybe cars should be the only ones with wipers. I can't think of another thing that needs one.

    How well do those work in rain (like on glasses)?

    good job, now you should fix the real problem fogging inside the mask :)

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    To solve that problem, I think you are supposed to pee in your mask. Or was it spit in your wet suit? Just to be safe, you should do both.

    The idea behind this is amazing. Did they actually work underwater?