Picture of SD Card Carrier
I, like many here, am always on the hunt for the perfect thing to solve a certain problem.  My latest "want" was a compact  case(s) to carry my camera SD cards when traveling.  I tend to stick with a lot of 4GB sized cards, which each will hold (for me) a days worth of vacation shots.  I don't travel with a laptop or even care to download the pics every day, so by swapping out cards regularly, the entire vacation isn't on one card - and susceptible to one accident away from losing the entire photographic collection.

So what to do with a dozen cards when on a 7 night cruise and OCD enough to want to pack as lightly and compactly as possible?  I could not find a high capacity compact case for just SD, they always seemed to have extra sleeves/slots for sizes I don't use, and were bulkier than I cared for.

I can sew, and have made some foam/fabric ones before, but they were only bandages, not a cure for my ills.  Lo and behold at the local Big Box store today, in the travel toiletries section, were these little beauties - toothbrush head covers.  It was the little angled notch that intrigued me, so for a $0.97 gamble, I grabbed a pair and headed for home with fingers crossed.
k24tea3 years ago
Brilliant repurposing idea, and a well-done Instructable! The cards are a perfect fit in a very compact little case. Maybe you could make it water resistant or even w'proof by pressing a thin layer of silicon sealant or E-6000 (very thick rubbery glue) into the ventilation holes. Once it cures it won't stick to the cards. You'd also need to make a plug (could be just a blob of the same sealant or glue, or maybe Oogoo) to fill in the top hole where the toothbrush handle is intended to go through. I think I might have some of these little cases that I can try that with! Thanks for sharing!
ChrysN3 years ago