I take lots of pictures that I use for the paper models that I design for ss42.com. When I am out taking pictures I need to swap out SD cards in my camera. But the SD card cases are different sizes and they take up too much space.

Step 1: The Supplies

I found that the case for Sunstar GUM soft tooth picks http://www.sunstargum.com/index.php?id=3791 are the perfect size to hold 2 SD cards side by side. For me, I have bunches of the cases left over after I use up the picks. You can find these at any drug store for $3.xx or a 10 pack at the 99¢ store.
Hey i have the same camera from the year before. very nice
Nice work with the instructions. Like having easy access to downloadable PDF. I got lost browsing around ss42 - lot of interesting stuff there... <br> <br>Also, you might want to check out: http://www.eye.fi/ <br>I have found it helpful when doing some stop motion animation work. <br>The SD card has integrated wi-fi. No need to switch out the card - can automatically upload to your local machine or sharing location. As the files can automatically move to the new location - you always have room on your card.
This is a great idea. but wouldn't it be simpler to put a mark on the back of the case so you know its the back, then flip FULL cards over label down?<br><br>
if you really dont have the space anymore you could just switch to micro SD cards<br><br>then you can just leave the adapter (wich is a normal SD card with a slot for the micro) inside the camera and use a system like what you made but smaller to hold more cards
That sounds like a good idea. I don't know if I can manage to avoid dropping micro SD cards in the field but I will give it a good think.
hmm yeah they are very small... maybe making brightly colored slipcovers for them wil allow you to easily find them if you accidently drop them , you could make the slipcovers two different colors to indicate if they are full or empty so you just turn them around when they'r full
Great origami!;-) I've found that an empty dental floss box works nicely for storing sd cards too. Although not as organized as your case, you can put quite a few into one dental floss box. Well done and well documented! 5 stars!
This is awesome. Two great ideas in one instructable. :)
Great idea! Nice job with the design!

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