Think different: forget the bike, get a chair. A big comfy one.
Build a recumbent frame to go under and ride in style!

Step 1: Chop chop

Picture of Chop chop
Nibble up your leather
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What would look kewl, (if it didn't add too much weight) would be to use the side lever, and some of the mechanism from a recliner foot rest, to put down either the "skid" pipes, or wheeled "landing" gear.  Then as youy come to a stop, you could reach over and pull the lever, just as you come to a stop, still upright...

haha nice idea :)
kbales3 years ago
Needs a small gas engine.
I've never seen anything like this before!
How much does it weigh? Does it make it hard to start or stop?
I have always fancied bikes with a sitting down style to them. Makes me feel down to earth, like literally. Is it hard to get going in that thing. I can see attaching training wheels or something and it be perfect for parents to ride along with their kids. Now all you need is a TV screen and popcorn to make it the all in one ride.
maxpower494 years ago
I saw that you got the chair on ebay but is there any specific name or was it just a one time deal
sxiong7 years ago
lol, this would be a sweet ride. i'm assuming left/right turns gotta suck due to the weight of the sofa. with the pedals so far up to the handle bars, it would be impossible to move from a stop and maintain a constant speed without tipping over or even 5 minutes without getting exausted.
oxania (author)  sxiong7 years ago
Its actually easy to ride - i can do u-turns in the street just like normal bike - the little bits of pipe tell me when i'm just about to bottom out, the only handling issue is weight - its a dog to start on a hill. imagine a recumbent loaded up with touring gear doing a hill start - exactly the same. easy to ride slowly and deft - i did the london world naked bike ride on it - very slow packed riding in among 1000 very vulnerable riders - no problems. when you get speed up its a blast - looks great.
JZ Price oxania6 years ago
why don't you put caster wheels in place of the pipe. or better yet TRAINING WHEELS. that would make you extra hardcore.
wait.... You where naked? And a bunch of other British dude(tte)s? I'd say England's weirder than I thought, but America's the biggest glass house there is.
or up/down turns.. those are killer... hahah just kidding. but i have an idea to make stopping/staring easier (maybe) if you were to hook up, instead of one of the brakes, a pair of skis (not really skis but more like platforms) to hold the bike up when stopped. so when you pull whatever lever you choose to use for it the platforms will push down and hold the bike level then when you want to go pedal and release the lever
JPJPJP5 years ago
It looks nice and comfy! But, if a recumbant isn't your mode transport, you might find comfort on an SMP4Bike saddle
This ROCKS!!!
Next up...The Sofa Tandem! Why bike alone or behind/in front of your sweetheart when you can bike NEXT to them?
what if ur significant other is a fatty? lol
Well, even though this is rhetorical, I shall respond! Each "section" of the couch would have a frame underneath, so both would peddle and be supported. the rear wheels would probably have to be fixed on a single axle, or only one wheel. And biking with your "fuzzy-bunny" or whatever would be a great incentive to exercise!
oxania (author)  musicalbee20037 years ago
see couch bike at bike forest. Brent Curry's marvelous sofa bike - side by side just as you envisage....
I have already planned on doing this with my friends. I just need to find out how to do that without welding, if possible, or an easy way to get it welded.
oxania (author)  Skor4597 years ago
Its easy to weld it up - julian did it v quickly with one hand behind his back - but then he's clever like that... Seriously, its made out of thick metal and isn't a big issue.
i feel your pain. :'-(
bowmaster7 years ago
Can you mount a cup holder in the arm rest?
Can? Or Will?
I would! As soon as I get old enough, I WILL make this.
zomfibame6 years ago
this is one of the best things I've seen on instructables.
can you put a video
russ_plus7 years ago
Superb and thanks for the instructions on how to construct one myself. Were you at the World Naked Bike Ride in London last month by any chance? I saw an identical bike and I can't imagine there are too many around. Good on you if you were - I was covered head to toe in blue body paint!
jaysbob7 years ago
There's actually an old super-size trike that's been sitting at work for years that would probably be extremely well suited to this application. I'll have to keep my eye open at thrift stores for a suitable "saddle." I've been wanting to take it for ages and do something to it but I've never found anything (until now) takes it from big heavy old person bike to awesome. If I do get around to doing this I'll be sure to get pictures up.
kington997 years ago
I have the bizzare good luck to actually ride this thing last night at a critical mass event. Extremely stiff to get going but once it's rolling and you've figured out the counter-intuitive steering (well it's kindof intuitive if you're a unicyclist) it makes for an incredibly relaxed ride.
oxania (author)  kington997 years ago
owwww... and some guy saw me riding past the randolph hotel, found me on you tube and made me an offer...!! so i sold it for cost. next bike will be very different. long live the armchair bike, but i really needed the space in my shed.
I3uckwheat7 years ago
turn it into a gocart an drive down the street and watch people laugh
madkiller7 years ago
this would be absolutely amazing if you could put 2 wheels in the back like a granny bike and use it at a barbecue for you own wheel around recline oh yea and and extending frame so the foot rest can come out just some ideas but you've just made a vary fat child very happy for making this
=SMART=7 years ago
:D very cool , congratulations on winning a prize in the contest !
Woodenbikes7 years ago
Congratulations on a winning Instructable!
Well done serious fun.
Regarding the tandem version there is a fun article at: couch bike adventure at bicycleforest.com
Charles IV7 years ago
If I were you I'd put four smaller wheels (possibly skateboard or scooter wheels?) on the sides; two on each, so that when you start to tip over or when your at a street cross you could rest on them so you wouldn't scratch up the sides.
oxania (author)  Charles IV7 years ago
i was lazy and built wooden skids instead.
upnorthrick7 years ago
Since it's built for comfort rather than speed, maybe you could build a trike with wheels in or behind the arm rests. Just so it doesn't tip over if it's a recliner. I like Woodenbikes' drink holder suggestion. Could you hide the front wheel in an ottoman? It would give your feet a place to rest when you get worn out.
great Instructable, but what u could have done wuz have 3 wheels (2 in the back & 1 in the front) & a chainsaw motor just for extra speed
handyguy7 years ago
Make one of these out of a home theatre chair with the storage bin and drink console intact. You could even install a battery and portable DVD system/stereo and cruise in style.
Pay too much attention to the DVD payer, and you'll go right into the street.
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