Think different: forget the bike, get a chair. A big comfy one.
Build a recumbent frame to go under and ride in style!
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Step 1: Chop chop

Picture of Chop chop
Nibble up your leather

Step 2: Get framed

Picture of Get framed
This takes time and guesswork. Measure things like your legs, a bit of giggling.
Made up a 2" pine mock up and chopped up some junk bikes... MTB for the rear - and a kids's bike with 18" wheel for the front.

Step 3: Steel yourself

Picture of Steel yourself
Actually Julian did this for me. I'm a bit wooden. He copied my pine pattern behind in 2" square section steel. V solid. the clamps are trying to guess the chain runs with Juriaan Bol's chain runners ( he does recumbent bits.

Step 4: Back up

Picture of Back up
This has to be very strong.

Step 5: Full frontal nerdity

Picture of Full frontal nerdity
I just guessed rake angle - the human eye is a wonderful thing. In the end I can almost ride it no hands...

Step 6: Chained up

Picture of Chained up
Yep, it works. Two and half old chains....

Step 7: Screwed

Picture of Screwed
Together, so I can take into two for easy transport.

Step 8: And screwd again

Picture of And screwd again
No huge precision required. It just has to work, be strong and look pretty on top.

Step 9: Three point linkage

Picture of Three point linkage
So the thing doesn't wobble... and goes together / comes apart quick.

Step 10: Skid row

Picture of Skid row
Castors are a very very bad idea. But the leather takes a scraping - ask any biker. So here's a bit of scrap oak. The fuel line is a tilt device - it works to some extent but by the time I hear it I'm probably wobbling in a tight corner and in trouble enough.

Step 11: Skid stops

Picture of Skid stops
Can pull them out or replace..

Step 12: Strong stuff

Picture of Strong stuff
The 18" was replaced by 20" front end with v-pull brakes. This improves ride height and helps pull up. You have to pay for real comfort, and this saddle is sooooooh heavy.

Step 13: This is it

Picture of This is it
Armchair or bike - you decide.

Step 14: Does my bum look big in this?

Picture of Does my bum look big in this?
41" inches wide. For less than a Double-sprung Gel Comfort saddle.

Step 15: Armchair cyclist

Picture of Armchair cyclist
My other bike is an armchair.