Introduction: SERPENT RING

An easy and cool ring, made from a scrap piece of copper.



-scrap piece of thick copper wire, this is 10 gauge, 12 is fine too.


-ring mandrel or tube of the desired circumference;


-hard still surface (I just use a bigger hammer);

-round nose and flat nose pliers;


-metal hole punch;

-wire cutter.

Step 2: ANNEAL

Anneal the whole copper wire on a flame to make it soft to bent.

Hold it with pliers, as it became super hot!

Step 3: CUT a PIECE

Cut a piece of the copper wire, it should be long enough to make 2 wrap around your finger (than it will stretch more when hammering and will do 2 and 1/4).

Step 4: HAMMER

Hammer the whole wire a little bit flat, and the two edges a lot, so they will look like in the photos.

Step 5: THE TAIL

Cut one of the edge in a pointy shape.

Step 6: FILE

File the tail, file the head.

Step 7: EYE

With the awl make an hole for the eye, than file it down in the behind, so it won't have any sharp edge.


Anneal again the whole piece, so it will be easy to wrap.

Step 9: WRAP IT

Wrap it around the mandrel or tube, at the desired size.

Step 10: DONE

Done! Polish it…or not.

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perfectttttttt.. thanks alot buddy

That looks really good, though, since copper turns my skin green in about 5 minutes, I think I'd use silver wire.

7 replies

try turtle wax, I know it sounds funny, but you really love a copper piece, coat it all in turtle wax, let it dry then buff it off. then repeat at least twice. It gives a great protection to the copper and won't tarnish the skin...

Oh, good to know!

a trick that I learned from

I also knew carnuba wax is good for this, and natural

clear nail polish will do the trick too and shine it up

I also knew carnuba wax is good for this, and natural

ooh I will go in search of that

marcellahella, your instructable for the serpent ring was easy to follow. Your the first that I have read that you sell the product that you make. Good luck in the jewelry contest.

1 reply

Hi! I was wondering if the material you use for making the ring turns your skin green. I tend to forget to remove my rings before washing my hands. Also, I enjoyed your Celtic brooch instructible too! :)

1 reply

Thank you!

Yes it does stain a little, to some people more, to some other less...

That's very nice! Did you use liver of sulfur or some other agent to darken the copper? Does the pointed end ever catch on things? I don't like snakes but I'm going to have to make one of these. I might just paddle both ends though to avoid creeping myself out. LOL

1 reply

Thank you!

I didn't use any patina, it just an old piece of copper that had already some one, plus it get more when annealed and more when hammered on a old still surface. Than I didn't polish it.

The ring I have doesn't get catch in things, because the size is perfect for me, so it stay well close-fitting to my finger, and no much can pass in between.

Sning! The snake ring from one of my favorite books! Way cool!

1 reply