Picture of SF Lettering Collar Stays With Customizer
This instructable is best explained by making the most of the images taken while printing 10 customized collar stays downloaded from thingiverse. These collar stays are customized with the letters SFlettering and are a bit hard to read in draft print mode. 

Submitted by SFlettering for the Instructables Sponsorship Program
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Step 1: Customized From Thingiverse

Picture of Customized From Thingiverse
13, 5:22 PM.jpg
To customize the collar stays choose the item and then choose the customizer app (which requires a login) after choosing the customizer app you will see a screen that allows you to adjust overall size. In this example choose the area where the mouse cursor is to change the text. I made it at Techshop http://techshop.ws to learn about 3D printing and teach others how to manage 3D printer errors on a Type A Machine.

Step 2: Change Text To Read SFlettering

Picture of Change Text To Read SFlettering
13, 5:22 PM.jpg
Once you text is updated notice how the model is ready to print your customized version.

Step 3: Prep 10 Collar Stays

Picture of Prep 10 Collar Stays
The model once customized will show you a "model" format expectation of the printed model in PLA in a computer graphics version.

Step 4: Final Print Settings And Warmup

Picture of Final Print Settings And Warmup
13, 1:54 PM.jpg
When getting ready to print remember that the temperature settings can delay the final print while the nozzle gets to the correct temperature. I noticed that the nozzle reached the righ temperature within about 3 minutes maximum each time.

Step 5: Starting The Print For 10 Pieces

Picture of Starting The Print For 10 Pieces
13, 1:54 PM.jpg
13, 1:55 PM.jpg
Here are some images of the beginning of the print and what it looks like when the print will succeed based on the first layer.

Step 6: Building The Base Layer

Picture of Building The Base Layer
13, 5:22 PM.jpg
Here it shows how much printing takes place on each of the 10 models before the printer nozzle moves on to print the next version. The print was fast and wen well with this custom model from thingiverse.

Step 7: Final Printing Stage

Picture of Final Printing Stage
13, 5:22 PM.jpg
The print made each one a solid surface before it began printing the layers with the letters. 
Notice how consistent each layer is before the letters are printed on top of each collar stay. 
Also note how some of the collar stays started to bend away from the print surface. this was most likely due to needing a new layer of blue painters tape.

Image 2: final model in 3D print graphics mode