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New born babies
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I remember the first Short Story project of yours I ever saw..... LOVE THIS PROJECT! So much we might even try it at our next girls weekend..... <br>Good luck!
You my dear are a wealth of great ideas for the classroom! My librarian just asked me if I wanted to check out some of the books she was getting rid of and if I could use them in anyway in my art room, I LOVE this idea and now know I'm going to work tomorrow to say yes I will take them all! Yet another wonderful 'able!!
Thank you very much I'm pleased you like my projects. They are fun and i think your students will enjoy!
So much so I'm now stalking I mean following you ;-) You clearly have very lucky students!
Thank you
Wow Weeee Whooooooaaa Weeee!! I love it. Very creative!! The 1st one is my favorite. We should take an over head picture of your hand drawing it. And into the rabbit hole we go!!!<br><br>Ryan
I love the way your mind works. You have my vote always.
Thanks Margi!!!!
I love the way this art project incorporates writing and reading in the classroom! I voted! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!!
Thank you very much!!!
Susy,<br>It's wonderful to see your unique creativity on-line!!!<br>You have my vote....your students are so lucky to have you as an inspiration.
Thank You very much!!!!!<br>
Love this idea! Voted for and Added to my Guide.
Just thought you'd like to see how I did:<br>http://funtimescrapping.com/scrapping-for-education-4-short-story-inspiration-illustration/
Awe-some!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it and I voted. Totally a Inspiration.
Awesome. Those look like awesome inspiration for a short story.
What fun! Definitely great ideas! Thanks for posting!
Thanks, yes it is one of my favorite activities I do with my kids. I teach a group of 8-12 year olds in an art school and this is a perfect project for all ages!<br>Try it, it always produces very varied results!<br>Best,<br>Susan

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