In this instructable, you will learn another way how to make a shotgunish like shot from the following materials:

 2 Plastic forks (or any small particle)

a nerf blaster with barrel

Two simple materials. If this is hurtful, then use gloves or something. :)


I suggest the following Nerf blasters:

Recon CS-6

Longshot CS-6

Longstrike CS-6

Stampede CS-18

Barrel Break IX-2

Double Shot

Raider CS-35

Alpha Trooper CS-18

Rapid Fire Tek


Buzz Saw

Or anything else I didn't mention.

Step 1: Breaking.............

  Take the forks and break the ends off (including the handle).

Step 2: Loading............

  To load it, you'll have to load it light a musket (putting the forks particles down the barrel(s))

Step 3: FIRE!!!

  Fire, but remember that most shotguns shoot short range.

   This mod is much better then the other shotgun mod "My Shotgun/Rifle Mod" that I did.

<p>Kind of cool but at the same time pointless, there is no practical use for it because of its lack of power</p>
I used a buzz bee doubleshot and it didnt work
WOOT <br><br>:] u hv 10 496 views
Woohoo! You mean 10,948.
10 498
10,845 views. Ha! They changed some colors around here and added a blog link on the top! And has fixed the library glitch! I feel happy!
Oh! I'm more busier than a fast food resturaunt!
how could u do this with the buzz saw if i remember its a ball shooter that u keep pulling the handle and it makes an annoying noise then u pull the trigger
what gun is that?
It's the Barrel Break (only in Toys R Us). It's good if you mod it...
I don't believe that the weak air power can make the fork come out at all.
Oh. Sorry for replying so late. You put the darts in and the darts push the forks out. The air isn't strong enough, but the darts coming out will push the bits out with it.
Oh. I see.
come on give the guy a break <br>
This is like a makeshift post-apocaliptic zombie weapon 8D
Lol! I really messed up my dad's bedroom door after I did spring mods and removed air ristrictors! Just kiding.
i would recommend putting a piece of paper in the barrel after the fork bits so they dont fall out as easily
Yeah, but wouldn't that stop up the dart and fork bits? Sorry, I can't test your theory becuase Idon't have any forks any more.
uuuuum, it might, i thought it would have enough power to blast it all out, but maybe not.
Yeah, I knid of thought so. There's another instructable about a shotgun mod I did. It includes how to make a shotgunish dart that doesn't let the fork bits fall out, but hols a smaller capacity of fork bits.
pretty awesome... i was wondering if it would work with the shells that come with the Buzz Bee guns. Like, stuff them with the fork points and that would eliminate the need for loading it through the muzzle.
it may work but i don't have the buzzbee doubleshot :(. you can try it though. heres a tip take the needle things out of the shells and test it.
thanx for tellin me (LOL!!!!) <br> <br>I typed that worng :D
well i just cut my finger open breaking the fork... YOUR RESPONSIBLE!<br><br><br>jk, you may want to change that though
&quot;(((NOTICE:I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FACE OR SERIOUS INJURY)))&quot; <br> <br>I think you mean that you are NOT responsible for any injuries. You may wanna change that. <br> <br>Otherwise, great idea and nice instructable. 5*

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