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Introduction: SHUTDOWN -s -t 60

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How to shut down a computer running Windows from the Command Prompt
by Jared E. Thomson
First off, you need to open MSDos (CMD). Type in the following:
After typeing SHUTDOWN, add the following to the end of the SHUTDOWN Command:
| Text | Action |
| -s | Shutdown and Power off the computer |
| -c "Comment" | Add a comment |
| -t xx | Time before shutdown |
|-a |Abort |
SHUTDOWN -s -c "Ha Ha, I Shut Down your computer!!!!" -t 60
That will Turn your computer off in 60sec and display the message.
WARNING: After you start this, you can not stop it!!!! (unless you know how.....)

Step 1: Run CMD.exe

Go to Start > All Programs > Acsessories > Command Prompt

Step 2: Type Command

Type "SHUTDOWN" Then add a space. DO NOT PUSH ENTER!!!

Step 3: Special Instructions

Add the following:
-s -c "Your Text Here" -a -t 60
-s Shuts Down the computer
-c " " Adds a comment (Replace Your text here with, well... your text!)
-t Specifies the ammount of time before the Shutdown Starts (60 Seconds)

Step 4: Finish

EDIT: Without this: SHUTDOWN -a
ends the shutdown process.
You can press enter now!
Good Luck!



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    hi bro i want to set timer (approximately 5 mto 10 mints) when internet disconnect and when during timer if internet again connect my pc should keep on i mean when internet connect the timer auto off. please upload software or script .i hope you will do for me and peoples

    No need to bother so much. Just use a simple program like Multi Timer PC Shutdown Timer

    Shut Down Timer.jpg

    Can some body tell me .. how to generate shortcut of button to shut down system

    through folder command

    1 reply

    do bat file

    just open notepad




    echo press any button



    -t 60

    then just save it as .bat file and send it to someone, then they have to open it and press any button, then it will shut down

    @echo off
    cd \
    shutdown -s -c "Your Display Massage" -t 60

    Such noobish noob nobberish!!!!! Anyways, to really F with someone, create a shortcut with your shutdown command, and drag the shortcut into the "startup" folder in the start menu. Then the shutdown and comment will occur every-single time that the user logs in. (Don't set the timer too short or else you won't have enough time to delete the shortcut from the startup folder when your done screwing with them : ) )

    na no one nowswhat to do its simple go to stat ont the left hand sie of the computer scre and type in on he serch shutdown -a and the log off wil be cancelled!!!

    to stop it is to go into run and type "shutdown -a"

    K, sorry all, i have been busy (playing video games and working..... just kidding). I have been working a lot. If anyone wants help with computers stuff, electrical stuff, or anything technological, please come to my forum:

    or email me:

    i am sorry that i cant stay and help everyone, but i feel that i have overextended myself....

    what about the -f command? what will happen if they have another program, they will by the way since it's an email attachment and you need to use and internet application to retrieve it

    1 reply

    oops, wrong instructable, anyways what's the point of talking to yourself on the computer, SHUTDOWN YOUR SCHOOL IS THE BEST

    Yes, you can abort it. Run "shutdown -a". Let's please not have an instructable for every Windows shell command, particularly when entering the command and "/?" will give you more information than you've listed above.

    2 replies

    you're right, i wanted to reply the same

    Yeah if want to see real DOS scripting check out my guide in shutting down a school.

    let me guess, the next intructable is going to be a knex gun made completely out of single xp shell commands......

    1 reply

    no more k-nex guns aaarrgghhh!! seriosly there are far too many and there is no point.. there isnt as many using more readily available stuff. no ones gonna go out to buy k-nex just to make a gun.. and back to the subject at hand.. its more fun to remotely shut down a pc, like your friends pc while they are in the middle of writing an end of term essay :P

    hmm...whats a MSDos..i dont create viruses often