Introduction: SIGFRID Surf Rack

A handy way to display and store surfboards using two Ikea Sigfrid brackets.

Step 1: Step One

Purchase two Sigfrid brackets from Ikea (166.920.09)

Step 2: Step Two

Drill out the hole on the end of the shorter side of both brackets so it is large enough to accommodate 1 1/2 long x 1/4 wide (approx) dowel. I used leftover dowels from my Ikea Expedit bookcase, but you can purchase dowel rod at any Home Depot. The hole should be snug so the dowel does not slide out the other end.

Step 3: Step 3

Insert dowel into bracket, leaving about 1 inch of the dowel exposed (this will keep the board from sliding off the bracket).

Step 4: Step Four

Find your placement on the wall and mount the brackets. My roommate insisted that the brackets be mounted into studs. Rest your board in the brackets, and you're done!



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    hmm... looks like ikea isn't selling these brackets anymore. unless i'm a moron and can't find it somehow. anybody?

    Yeah, If you didn't put the brackets over studs, you wouldn't have been able to put more then like 5 pounds on them.

    might be worth buying some pipe insulating foam tubing and cutting a slit lengthways along it. then wrap the cut foam tube around the bracket to avoid pressure dings on the rails of your board. i use the same foam tubing to put round a clothes hanger so my wetsuit doesnt sretch funny ways around the shoulders.

    I do something similar to this to hold my wakeboard and snowboard. Its from Ikea but i don't remember the name. IT is a long track with hooks that can slide to where you need them.

    Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe