Beware!!This Instructable is dangerous. Make at your own risk!!!!

Well, in this Instructables I am going to teach you how to make a very simple and easy flame thrower using only 3 or 4 items.
This is a really cool trick to impress your friends.


For your DIY Flamethrower, you will need the following items :-

1. A lighter

2. A propellant (butane, propane, kerosene etc.) or any flammable deo.
(I used deo...)

3. Tape

4.Waste cardboard

5.Rubber band

6. Help of this instructable made by Anirudh Ralhan(Hee....Hee)

And that's it!! Let's start making the flamethrower....

Step 2: Modifying the Lighter...

Before starting the build of the flamethrower, we need to modify the Lighter so that is produces more longer flames.

We can see that there is a knob below the metal cap of the Lighter to adjust the size of the flame. We need to mess with it a little. Some of you may know how to do it, some of you may not.

What we need to do is take the metal cap off the Lighter. We will notice that the knob is attached to a gear which is actually a valve. Turn the knob towards the right to increase the size of the flame. Then, push the knob upwards to take it off the gear. The gear should not move when we move the knob. Move the knob toward the left and push it down so that it fits on the gear as before. Now , again turn the knob and hence the gear to the right to further increase the flame size. Repeat this process one more time and replace the metal cap.

You will clearly notice the difference in the length of the flame of the lighter. See the before and after pics to see the difference.

Step 3: The Cardboard Part...

Crumble the waste cardboard to provide it some width and attach it to the deo cylinder with the help of some tape.

(This part is important. You do not want to stick the lighter too close to the deo cylinder. It is extremely dangerous!!)

Step 4: Prepping the Rubber Band...

Take the rubber band and loop it twice. Mount it on the button of the lighter. What this will do is that once you will push the button of the lighter it will keep it pushed down and the flame will keep going. Once you pull the button of the lighter back up, the flame will extinguish.

Step 5: Attaching Lighter to the Cylinder...

Take the prepared lighter and stick it on the cardboard with tape in front of the spraying side of the cylinder. The top of the lighter should levelled with the top the cardboard.

Step 6: Finished!!

And there you have it!! Your very own flamethrower. I know it looks a bit clumsy, but once it works it is awesome!! To make it work , push the button on the lighter to start the flame and then start spraying the deo. The deo being flammable catches fire and take it further. Watch the video attached below to see the flamethrower in action. It easily delivers a range of 2.5 feet or more....


Anyways, I had a lot of fun with it ;) ;)

Don't forget to comment and follow :) :) :)
Also, the spray thrusts the flame forward so there extremely little chance of the flame going back in. Even if you stop the flow in between, the last of the drops are still propelled forward...
kids, don't do this at home. if the flame goes back in to the can, there is a possibility that the can explodes. just go and play outside!
Very well said!! That's why I recommend to keep some width between the lighter and the cylinder....
no! :p there is no possible way that you advise children to do this. even yourself can be harmed while doing this.
Thanks for your advice :)<br>I will take care :) :)<br><br>There's one more thing I forgot to mention in the instructable. If the cylinder if full or filled 3/4th, then there is roughly no chance of it exploding. If It is filled less than half or less than half or only a few drops of propellent, then immediately dispose of it . For, less propellent and more air are extremely suitable for combustion and there's an increased chance that if fire goes in the cylinder, it will explode. So, be careful!!

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