hey guys today you can learn to draw a dragon head.its a very cool dragon head if you ask me but with a little more of your own imagination it can be a lot better.

Step 1: Materials

A piece of paper (I used a blank A-4 sheet)

some marker of different colours

and some thing to cut the paper

Step 2: Drawing the Head..

first draw the design of its face (like the shape of a rope)

then its nose and a little flames

then its eyes and then do some detailing on it. as shown above.

Step 3: Step 3

now combine red and blue colours and colour the flames of the nose

then choose your colour and colour the other designs. as shown above .

Step 4: Completing the Dragon Head

now when you are finished colouring your head take the red marker and out line the head.

then take the green marker and draw and colour two horns or strips as shown above.

Step 5: Step 5

now choose a pattern to out line the dragon head as shown above.you can also add some of your own patterns.

then cut out the pattern and take your marker and start colouring the pattern. good luck.

<p>Ooo very nice looking, and you did an awesome job showing each step!</p>

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