Introduction: SIMPLE PAPER BOX

Classic paper box, made from recycled paper.

The top and the bottom are made with the same size square.

You can make them more cubic, or flatter and larger.

The brown paper I used is the one that sit on the bottom of the bananas boxes in the supermarket. It is really nice to make boxes, it have a beautiful avana color, and is just the perfect thickness. I gather it from the big recycling bins in the back of the grocery shops.

They are easy and fun to make, not really a classic origami as I used pencil and scissors...



-thick paper squares (of two different color look nice);

- ruler;



Step 2: DRAW

Trace the two diagonal of the square.

You can also just fold the paper, but I prefer to mark it with the pencil, so there is not a big fold X on the top of the box ones you are done.

I'm using regular paper on the tutorial, as the folds come out more visible with it, but thick paper, or thin cardboard give the best results.

Step 3: FOLD

Fold the edges trough the middle.

Step 4: FOLD

Refold ones more the sides trough the exact middle (see photos).

Step 5: CUT

Cut as in the photos.

Step 6: FOLD

Open up the side cut, and fold the other as in the photo.

Step 7: FOLD

Flip the edges in, and you have the bottom part of the box.

Step 8: TOP

To make the top, follow all the step of the bottom, except you are going to fold the edges not exactly to the middle diagonal, but few millimeters before (see photos).


To make different sizes boxes, just fold the sides further from the middle.

Remember to make the top always few millimeter wider (fold further from the middle).

Step 10: FILL UP

You can place a little pice of crepe paper in, and it make a nice ring box.

I always make them for my Etsy sop, they look really nice!


  • hermosa!! muchas gra...-abunda

    abunda made it!


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Don't know if it posted my comment or not so I'll say it again...this is GREAT! I am always looking for a small box JUST LIKE THIS at the last minute when sending gifts to my girlfriends. Now I know how to make my own! I am so glad you posted this. This is the best tutorial ever. SO helpful!

I'm happy it was useful!

Me too, I was always looking for small boxes, but they were hard to find, expansive for what they was, and mostly, I couldn't never found the ones with the look I wanted. So I just start to make them myself!

Thanks for commenting!